Top 7 Android video chat applications

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Actions speaks a lot than words. If you are aware of this quote then you would be knowing the importance of interacting with people rather than chatting through internet. When you sit in front of your computer, you are presented with number of video chat applications which includes Skype, Google+ hangouts or less known yahoo messenger. Whatever may be the cause, video chat plays the vital role. When I am talking about video chat via Android smartphones, a genuine user(or even the basic user) must know that a front facing camera(on both end) is necessary to do the video chat. Those who have it, proceed ahead in the article to see top 7 Android video chat applications. 

Top 7 Android video chat applications


Skype-Data call-Android video chat Skype-Data call-Android video chat

No doubt, leading computer video chat software giant is one of the best Android video chat application available in Google Play store. One can easily make Skype-Skype calls without paying any penny whereas calling the phone number from Skype will require some bucks. You can also send pictures, videos and files to your Skype friends. During the call, simply press the toggle button to toggle between front and rear facing camera. If you don’t have a front camera, you can still make voice calls with good sound quality over 3G or WiFi.

Download Skype

Tango video calls

Tango video calls-Android video chat Tango video calls

Tango video calls works with number of Android smartphones and tablets. Tango video calls between tango contacts are totally free. It does not requires you to create login id and password which ultimately reduces registration time. That is exactly similar to the WhatsApp registration. It automatically find your friends from contact list and adds them to your tango list. Text messaging feature allows you to chat with your tango friends. Video message feature will allow you to share videos with your friends whereas group video messaging will help you to share videos with multiple contacts. There are number of surprising animations which will keep you happy and surprised.

Download Tango video calls

ooVoo Video call

ooVoo video call-Android video chat ooVoo Video call

ooVoo lets you do free HD video calls between your friends and colleagues. One can easily do video chat, text or phone call to up to 12 friends at a time. Be sure to have ooVoo account on their website and you are good to go ahead. You don’t need to worry even if you want to do video chat with your Facebook friends. This Android video chat application will let you do that in no time.

Download ooVoo Video call


Fring-Android video chat Fring

Fringe is one of the top rated Android video chat application that lets you do group video chat, voice calling and text chat. Its group video chat is limited to 4 people at a time whereas voice calling and text chat are absolutely unlimited and free. Videos are captured in high quality Dynamic Video Quality (DVQ) technology.

Download Fring

Paltalk Video Chat

Paltalk Video chat-Android video chat Paltalk video chat

Paltalk claims that it is the first Android video chat application which offers multi view videos in chat room. Well, that’s what you call group chat. Like others, it also offers you to make free audio and video calls over 3G, 4G and WiFi. The only thing I liked is the ability to do text chatting while keeping video call active.

Download Paltalk Video chat

Camfrog Video chat

Camfrog Camfrog

Camfrog is one of the popular cross-platform Android video chat application which connects with millions of users worldwide. It is very well supported on number of platforms such as iPad, iPhone, Android, PC and Mac. One can easily join public video chat rooms to chat with new people. Private video chats will ensure your privacy. It lets you do video chat with your friends only.

Download Camfrog video chat

Qik Video


Qik Video works on quite different principle. It does allows you to do video calling with your friends but moreover to this it offers video mail and video share. You  would be wondering what are they? Video share will help you to record and share videos instantly to number of social networks. If you don’t want to share on such social networks, you can keep them limited to Qik wall. Free user accounts are limited to upload 25 videos.

Download Qik video


  • Rajkumar Jonnala

    Well, in the above video applications i like fring which is very useful for me. will try all this applications.

  • aquib

    Helt wich app should use for vid chat using rear cam help plllllssss.

    • Pavan

      No app can use rear cam for video calling

  • santosh

    any good tested video chat app for HTC chacha? i have tried many. none works well.

    • Olive

      which video chat worked with HTC ChaCha? Mine is not working with any. we cant even use skpye video chat.

  • Olive

    Pawan will tango or oovoo video chat work with HTC Chacha (800 MHz processor, ginger bread android, 512 ram etc)..thanks

    • Pawan

      They should work. Give it a try.