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Ambitious Technology GoalsAMBITIOUS

Project Titan, Project Loon, Megascale Geoengineering, Interplanetary Internet, Anti-Aging, Lab Grown Organs & Meat, Industrial Scale Desalination, Nuclear Fusion, Hyperloop, Quantum Computing, Alternative Fuel, Energy Kites

Not too long ago these ventures were career suicide. Thanks to recent successes by companies such as Amazon, Tesla, SpaceX and others, the idea of successfully courageously challenging the status quo has been ignited in the minds of many bright and visionary people. We are finally starting to believe that maybe sometime soon we can end world hunger, provide fresh drinking water to all, travel to Mars and beyond, cure Cancer, become HIV immune, combat global warming, and many other once thought “impossible right now” endeavors.  In this section we will highlight and inform you of the companies, government, and individuals steadily driving civilization forward and also point out the ones who are all talk and no action.

Artificial Intelligence Technology ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE

Drones, Humanoids, Turing Tests, Native Language Processing, Robotics, Machine Learning, Autonomous Vehicles, Robot Rights, Service Robots, Big Data, Data Mining, Neuroinfomatics, Smart Home

The future of Artificial Intelligence brings with it many changes for us humans, both good and bad. Over the next couple of decades, we will see changes and advances in AI that mirror those of Science Fiction. Driverless cars are all but here on a massive scale, speech and facial recognition, and robots capable of passing the Turing Test are not too far behind. If you think Siri or Cortana are advancements in AI interaction, just wait until robots are capable of doing nearly everything humans are capable of. The question is, what do we do once that happens?

Biotech News and Updates BIOTECH

3D Printed Organs, Bionics, Human Genome Hacking / CRISPR, Bionics, Organic Computing, Nanobots, NeuroTech, Regenerative Medicine, Synthetic Biology, Personalized Medicine, Transhumanism

Perhaps one of the most inspiring and valuable technological fields, Biotechnology provides insurance to our mortality. With the potential to have an impact on every aspect of our anatomy, from brain controlled replacement limbs, to biologically grown replacement organs, this technology will “correct” accidents that were once beyond correction. But what happens when it advances to the point that a mother can choose what traits her baby should be born with? What will it mean to be “human” over the next 30-40 years?

Cyber Security Technbology CYBER SECURITY

Ransomware, Hacktivism, Social Engineering, Hacking, Anonymous, Hardware Trojans, Cyber Terrorism, DDOS Attacks, Phishing, SQL Injection, Malware, Virus, Identity Theft, Trade Secrets, NSA, Cybernetics

People are constantly comparing our present time to the dystopian novel 1984 by George Orwell. But why? Recent revelations by what is perhaps the most famous whistleblower in history, Edward Snowden, brough to light allegations that the United States government is collecting information on it’s citizens and foreign governments. Additionally, hacktivist groups such as Anonymous are evermore involved in obtaining data through hacks and releasing it to the public. Is your data safe? In this section we try to keep up with the ever evolving world of cyber crime, security, and what you can do to stay protected.

Energy and Environment Technology ENERGY & ENVIRONMENT

Electric Vehicles, Antimatter, Fuel Cells, Climate Change, Nuclear Fusion, Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion, Hydroelectricity, Biomass, Wind Farming, Environmental Engineering, Weather Modification, Space Based Solar Power

The race to provide our civilization with alternative energy is intensifying, and the dominant coal era seems to be reaching its final stretch. On the one hand, our foremost visionary thinkers are racing to accelerate the feasibility of alternative energy tech such as solar, wind, geothermal, and others. While on the other hand, some of our brightest minds in academia and outside it are doing revolutionary research and thinking of ways to attempt to control the Earth’s weather, in hopes of recreating the biosphere via our own means and methods. Will we succeed? In this section we will gauge our progress, and hopefully by the time it’s all said and done, we will have a more positive impact on our dear planet and it’s future.

Technology of the Future Economy FUTURENOMICS

Future Economy, Digital Currency, Mass Transport, Internet of Things, Automated Labor, Basic Income, Robo Shoppers, 21st Century Government, Future Cities, High Frequency Trading, Sharing Economy, HealthTech

What does the future economy look like? What solutions will we come up with to deal with all the displaced and/or obsolete labor issues we are bound to face? Technology moves fast, and before you know it, the world has changed. Our governing bodies and policy makers must do their best to ensure we don’t get left behind. What currency will we be using in the future, will the stock market still be relevant, what role do auto insurance companies have in driver-less cars, etc. But most importantly, what in the world are we humans going to do if robots are doing all the work?!

Second Industrial Revolution Machines MACHINE AGE 2.0

Food Printing, Quantum Computers, Autonomous Vehicles, 3D Printing, Bio-Printing, Graphene, Genetically Enhance Biofuels, Nuclear Fusion Reactors, Reverse Engineering, Molecular Machine, Exoskeletons, Cyborg Tech, Supercomputers, Nanotech

Techonology has revolutionized the way we build and prototype products compared to methods of old. The First Machine Age happened between 1880-1945, in the later stages of the Second Inustrial Revolution. If we though those advancements were exciting and revolutionary, consider that today, with the help of 3D technology and modeling, certain prototypes can be made in a matter of minutes. At present, manufacturing still remains the heart of a strong economy in both the developing and advanced nations, but it’s constant evolution increases complexity while yielding benefits. We’ll tackle the advancements the machines are making in this rapidly advancing age we live in, and monitor the progress humans are making in figuring out how to cope.

Mobile Technology of the Future MOBILE

Mobile Internet, Flexible Mobile Devices, Wearable Tech, Mobile Wallets, 5G Networks, Mobile M2M Tech, Real Time Speech Translation, Modular Smartphones, 3D Smartphones, Battery Life Extension

What will smartphones of the future look like? Will we even use phones anymore? Breakthroughs in prolonging battery life are at the top of most big companies to-do lists, but what about the lesser known companies working on things such as flexible materials, modular smartphones and holographic displays, what impact will their breakthroughs have on our phone addicted society? We’ll touch upon the new releases and tech breakthroughs of the big names like Apple, Samsung, Huawei and others, but also keep an eye an report on the smaller guys making big strides in mobile tech.

Science and Technology of the Future SCIENCE

Nuclear Science, Applied Mathematics, Quantum Mechanics, Chemistry, Biology, Special Relativity, General Relativity, String Theory, Oceanography, Geophysics, Social Sciences, Engineering, Healthcare, Bioethics, Bioinformatics, Neuroscience

Everyday scientists all over the world are working, and thinking, dilligently about how best to improve our current knowledge base by tackling not just unsolved problems but also innovating current ones. Their successes and breakthroughs in fields like Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics and others eventually make their way into industry and make profound impacts on our lives. The scientific journals and research papers can sometimes be a little overwhelming and time consuming, we’ll break the most interesting and impactful ones into easy reads.

Space Tech SPACE

NASA, Asteroid Mining, Single-Stage-To-Orbit, Interstellar Travel, International Space Station, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Cosmology, Galactic Astronomy, Planetary Geology, Stellar Astronomy, Space Exploration & Colonization, SpaceX, Blue Origin, Fermi Paradox, Satellites

With so much money flowing into space exploration nowadays, we can only wonder what the future will look like. Leading the way are SpaceX and Blue Origin, who hope to not only visit Mars in the next fifteen years, but other planets and retrieve precious metals from asteroids as well. Will tourism spread into space in your lifetime, will your grandchildren be vacationing on the Moon, or on a floating space resort? These visions are closer to reality than you may think, and we’ll cover all things space exploration and innovation.

Viral Trending Tech Topics TRENDY

Robotics, Futuristic Prototypes, Future Themed Products, Emerging Tech, Viral Tech, Futuristic Movies, AI, Bio-Informatics, Cyber Attacks, Data Leaks, Funny Videos

There is more stuff to get excited about these days then ever before, innovation on a global scale is ever accelerating and discoveries are being made almost every week! New professions are popping up all over the place, and old ones becoming obsolete. We’ll touch up on topics that have the tech world oozing with excitement. Whether it be the launch of the new iPhone, credit card piggy banks, or a floating cloud sofas, we’ll share what the future may have in store for us all.


Hololens, Sensory Suits, VR Games, Vive, Qualcomm, Oculus Rift, VR Gaming, Virtual Tourism, Samsung Gear VR, AR Glasses, Telepresence, VR Healthcare, AR Gaming, AR/VR Fitness

The technology has existed for quite some time, but recently we’ve acquired the means to bring it to the consumer, on a mass scale, and integrate it with our daily use items, like the Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Will your next visit to the doctor be via a virtual reality headset? Will your job involve augmented reality and building things in the digital world? What this amazing tech has in store and how it will shape the core of our society will soon be revealed, we can only hope that we won’t leave our “real” world for it altogether.