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Uber India rolls out new features to prevent drivers from cancelling trips




Do you also get annoyed when your Uber drivers cancel your trip after asking for your destination? Well, if that is something you hate going through every day. Now, Uber has announced an update that will ease your woes. Uber India rolls out an update that will potentially prevent users from getting cancel on their driver by allowing the driver to see the drop location beforehand.

“To enhance transparency and remove frustration for riders and drivers. Drivers on the Uber platform across India will now be able to see the trip destination before they decide to accept the ride. Encouraged by the reduction in the number of trip cancellations after the pilot launch in May 2022, Uber has decided to do away with the trip acceptance threshold and rolled out the unconditional feature to all cities. Uber will continue monitoring feedback from drivers and riders and make changes if required,” Uber said in a statement.

Uber drivers will be able to see the trip destination before accepting a ride

Not just that, Uber India has also increased payments to drivers by 15 percent. Cab drivers many a time cancel trips after having asked the passenger their drop location. This issue dulls the experience

Another very important update that rolls out a couple of days ago, displays the mode of payment. So once the drivers accept the ride, they will get to know whether they will be paid in cash or online.

Increased payment for Uber drivers

Uber India has now started rolling out an update. This will help users find the right driver when hailing a cab. The new feature that Uber has introduced will display the drop location to drivers in the near vicinity of the user’s location. This will allow drivers to accept or decline the trip request based on that. This is also part of a number of alterations that Uber India is implementing to ease the agonies of drivers and riders along with users to improve the overall experience.

To address feedback from Moto drivers about lack of awareness about waiting charges. Uber will now send a push notification to riders about waiting charges when they book a trip. Drivers at the airport often face an operational challenge as they need to pay for airport charges upfront and later get reimburse. However, now Uber has introduced cashless operations at airports in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, and Bangalore.

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