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Unocoin Brings Telegram-Backed Toncoin for Purchase, Exchange in India



Unocoin is India’s first crypto exchange and trading platform. It’s not just the most secure, feature-rich exchange app; it’s also the most trusted Indian crypto app. The recent app development has made Unocoin one of India’s fastest and smoothest KYC processes. With Unocoin, you can get verified in no time, start trading crypto on the go and buy your first crypto by giving only your email address and Aadhaar details.

India’s first and most secure cryptocurrency trading app, Unocoin, allows you to buy and sell bitcoin instantly with its unique Instant Buying and Selling feature. You can also buy Ethereum (ETH) with INR through your Indian bank account. With over eighty-five altcoins listed on this crypto trading exchange, you can also accept bitcoin from friends at any time and anywhere in India. And unlike other cryptocurrency exchanges, Unocoin lets you diversify your crypto portfolio according to market capitalisation (Market Cap) or volume with its Crypto Basket feature.

Unocoin Brings Telegram-Backed Toncoin

For users just starting in the world of digital assets, Unocoin offers an exciting feature known as the Systematic Buying Plan that lets you buy bitcoin or Ether periodically over a set period for as little as ₹ ten each month. So for an innovative approach to trading cryptocurrencies in India, look no further than Unocoin — the best cryptocurrency exchange in India!

Toncoin, the native token of Telegram’s fully decentralised layer-1 blockchain ‘TON’ has been made available for purchase and exchange on Indian crypto exchange, Unocoin. TON or The Open Network was first thought of by the Durov brothers, founders of the Telegram messaging app around 2018. In 2022, the TON mainnet went fully live and operational and is currently being manage by the TON Foundation. Telegram users can send Toncoin directly within Telegram chats but before that, users are required to add Telegram’s Wallet bot to their attachment menu.

Unocoin’s decision to list Toncoin for Indian traders comes after Indian crypto exchanges recorded a nosedive in trading volumes after the one percent TDS rule on each transaction went live on July 1. The average daily transaction volume on Indian exchanges WazirX, CoinDCX, BitBNS, and Zebpay dipped to $5.6 million (roughly Rs. 44 crore) in the last few days. Up until June, this volume was around $10 million (roughly Rs. 80 crore).

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