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WhatsApp New Feature: WhatsApp has released community feature, 32 people will be able to join voice calls, update immediately



After a few months of testing, the Meta-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp has finally released the community feature for users. That is, now you can increase the number of members on the WhatsApp group up to 512. Along with this, about the new update, it was said by the company that now up to 2 GB of files can be shared on WhatsApp itself. Its users were eagerly waiting.

Till now the number of members in each WhatsApp group was limited to 256, but now with the new update, this number has been doubled. That is, this limit has now been increased to 512. Apart from this, now files up to 2 GB can be shared easily on WhatsApp.

Zuckerberg announces a new feature

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has also announced the facility to give emoji reactions with WhatsApp messages, just like Facebook. In the announcement made by Meta, under the announcements made about WhatsApp, now 32 people will be able to join simultaneously during a voice call on the app. Apart from this, the facility to run one account in multiple devices will also be available.

Double members can be added to the group

Let us inform here that till now the number of members in each WhatsApp group was limited to 256, but this number has been doubled with the new update. That is, this limit has now been increased to 512. Along with this, it was told by the company that the file-sharing facility of 2 GB will also be end-to-end encrypted and such a large file can also be shared easily.

Rollout on iOS-Android version

It is worth noting that at the moment, the new feature has been rolled out for iOS and Android versions, but in the coming weeks it will be made available globally for other versions. The company claims that with the help of the community feature, it will be easy to manage multiple groups at once.

This will be the benefit of emoji reaction

The big advantage of getting the WhatsApp emoji reaction feature will be that the need to type text in the chat will be much less. Let us tell you that to get the benefit of the new feature, you need to update your WhatsApp immediately. In view of online meetings, WhatsApp had given a video calling facility with 8 people in 2020 and now the company has rolled out the feature of connecting 32 people together on voice call.

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