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WhatsApp Request Account Info Feature Rolling Out on Desktop: Report



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WhatsApp, a Meta-owned messaging app, has reportedly started rolling out a beta update that lets users request their account information on the WhatsApp desktop. The feature was initially introduced on Android and iOS to comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The Request Account Info feature is said to only be available after updating WhatsApp desktop to the latest beta version. The feature is currently only available to beta users.

If you are using a beta version of WhatsApp Desktop, you can check easily check if this feature is enabled for you. Just open WhatsApp settings, and if you see a new option titled, “Request Account Info,” that means that you can request your account information through WhatsApp desktop.

How to request your account information?

The request account information feature allows you to submit a request and export a report of your WhatsApp account information and settings. The report won’t include your messages. If you want to access your messages other than in the app, you can export your chat history instead.

Request report

  1. Go to WhatsApp SettingsAccount > Request account info.
  2. Tap Request report. The screen will update to state Request sent.

Your report will typically be available three days after the date you requested it. You can refer to the Ready by date while waiting for your report.


  • Once you request a report, you can’t undo or cancel your pending request.
  • If you change your phone number or delete your account, your pending request will be voided and you’ll have to request another report.

Download and export report

When the report is available to download, you’ll receive a WhatsApp notification on your phone, stating “Your account info report is now available”. The Request account info screen in WhatsApp will tell you the amount of time you have to download the report before it’s deleted from our servers. Because this report contains your information, you should be careful about storing, sending, or uploading it to any other services.

  1. Go to WhatsApp SettingsAccount > Request account info.
  2. Tap Download report. A ZIP file will be downloaded to your phone, which includes HTML and JSON files.
  3. Once the file is downloaded, tap Export reportEXPORT or Export Report. You’ll be unable to view the downloaded report within WhatsApp.
  4. In the share tray that appears, tap the external app you want to export your report to. For example, you can email a copy of the report to yourself.

After you download the report to your phone, you’ll have the option to permanently delete the downloaded copy from your phone by tapping Delete report > DELETE or Delete Report on the Request account info screen. Deleting the report won’t delete any of your WhatsApp account data.

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