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WhatsApp will now use your ‘legal name’ for UPI payments: How to find out yours



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Hey readers, If you are an ardent user of Whatsapp and using the Whatsapp payments option then this is important news for you. Recently Whatsapp Payments have introduced a new feature that will change the entire way of your payments on Whatsapp. To know about it in detail, read till the end.

So, from now, Whatsapp is notifying users that now their legal names will be displayed for every transaction users made on Whatsapp via the Whatsapp payments feature. As you know, Whatsapp payments is a newly introduced UPI-based service. So, the name you have in your bank account will be the same on Whatsapp payments as well.  Now you must be thinking that why is it happening, right?

well, WhatsApp said that the requirement is set by NPCI and designed to mitigate fraud across the UPI payments system.

How this will happen?

WhatsApp utilizes the telephone number related to your account to recognize your bank account through UPI. The name related to your bank account is the name that will be shared,” the organization said in a FAQ. Your lawful name, which is equivalent to your bank account, would be noticeable to the individual you send money to or get money from on WhatsApp’s UPI-based stage. WhatsApp has previously begun showing the notice with respect to the progressions that it is normal to make on its payments stage. The warning conveys a connection to WhatsApp’s FAQ page which subtleties the requirement for the lawful name and what precisely it is.

What does Whatsapp say?

WhatsApp has announced that it will use the phone number linked with users’ WhatsApp account to identify their bank account numbers. The name that has been used on the bank account will be shared with the people involved in WhatsApp transactions. “When you use payments on WhatsApp, other UPI users will be able to view your legal name. This is the same name as your bank account,” the FAQ page reads.

Up to this point, WhatsApp users could add the name of the sender without anyone else which could incorporate up to 25 characters, even emoticons. However, presently, it is obligatory for all users to give the legal name which is on their UPI connected bank account to make the installment.

To illuminate users about this update, WhatsApp has begun conveying warnings in the application that contains a connection to a FAQ page that instructs users about the legal name necessity.

For some users, users can find the FAQ page under Settings>Help Center>About UPI Payments and legal name.

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