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Which cities will get 5G service first? Know here



India's 5G network

As you know, Indian telecom industries working hard to bring a 5G network to India. So, in the next three months, the 5G network will expand more. This will be a revolutionary step to bring high-speed internet services to the country. Moreover, the process of 5G spectrum action has also finished. The spectrums of cost 1.50 lakh crores and have been distributed. maximum spectrums have been received by Jio, who bagged approx 87000 crores airwave.  In fact, telecom minister Ashwini Vaishnav also said- that within 10 days, the work will be done. So, we can expect 5G connectivity to work efficiently in the whole country in the coming three years.

Which cities will get this fastest network in the country first

Let us know now, which cities will get this fastest network in the country first and how much you have to pay for this network.

The speculations are high that a 5G network can be started in metro cities first. In fact, the Telecom department also said that first, it will be available in 13 cities of the country.

These cities are Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Gurugram, Chandigarh, Gandhinagar, Hyderabad, Jamnagar, Pune, and Lucknow

In a press conference, the telecom minister said that –

the bought spectrum is sufficient to cover all circles of the country. Moreover, he assured us that in the coming 3 years users will witness a whole new internet speed in the country.

It is also said that companies are trying to make the plans to come in affordable price ranges. Fierce competition can be seen between three telecom giants – Jio, airtel, and Vodafone. All three companies have performed well in 5G testing. Well, this is understood, that for 5G services, users have to pay more than 4G. as companies ate thinking to start a premium charge for this service. but if competition occurs between these companies then a price war can also be expected. It is said that this 5g network will boost up the speed 10 times of the current 4G network. The 5G plans could be 15-20% costlier than the 4G plans.

If we believe the sources,

then the rumors are coming- Telecom companies can charge a 30% premium for 5G services. Let us say for a 1.5 GB daily 5G plan, that comes with 84 days validity, can cost you 866 Rs, which is currently 666Rs charged by Jio.

Well, during the auction, the competition was the toughest for the UP east circle. the reason is obvious, as more than 10 crore subscribers belong to this circle only. There was a tough competition between Reliance Jio and Airtel for the spectrum here. The competition to get spectrum in the band of the UP East market pushed auction prices to 160 crores per MHz (MHz), much higher than the reserve price of 91 crores per MHz (MHz). Reliance Jio had 3.29 crore, mobile subscribers, in the UP East circle till the month of May. At the same time, Bharti Airtel had 37 million subscribers and Vodafone Idea had 2.02 million subscribers.


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