Why NASA's Concept Mars Vehicle is Pure Genius

It’s all over the tech news sector. Well, maybe not as much, but the sighting of that cool, black, vehicle oozing with sleekness just begs to be mistaken as some sci-fi action movie prop.

Of course, we are talking about none other than NASA’s recent unveiling of its Mars Promotional Concept Rover Vehicle. For the record, we should inform people early that this is just a concept. In fact, the real rovers for the Mars 2020 mission are completely unmanned. So this definitely is not what you’d see on the crimson desert dunes of the Red Planet in the near future.

That said, the stylish Mars rover idea is still actually quite phenomenal. Why you ask? Because of these relatively simple, but comprehensive reasons:

It’s Mars Mission Promotion with Pizzazz

Technology announcements, even the spectacular space tech kind, aren’t exactly as attention grabbing as let’s say, the colorful keynotes Microsoft or Google typically present. Even the amazing first stage landing videos of Falcon 9 doesn’t get as much viral attention, despite being absolutely stunning to watch.

Which is why this time, it seems NASA finally got the pizzazz. Why hold sleep-inducing press conferences when you can raise awareness for the upcoming Mars project with just this thing rolling through the presentation stage? It’s a definite sight to behold, even if you’re not remotely into space stuff.

Inspiration Goes a Long Way

As part of NASA’s “Summer of Mars” campaign, the concept Mars rover will be rolling around the country as the campaign provides information about what’s up ahead for the Red Planet. We’ve already mentioned how attention-grabbing it will be. But it won’t just tilt heads; it will keep those heads up as well.

NASA already explained this, as the campaign is made to inspire ambitious young people. Children, who might just grow up to be part of the continuing endeavor, perhaps a few decades after the real Mars 2020 mission. So yes, imagination does go a long way… a long way ahead into the future.

Education Also Goes a Long Way

Educating people about the Red Planet and our plans to get there helps raise awareness to our technical capabilities and technological hurdles. To this end, the concept Mars rover is built with the ideas of actual experts, to demonstrate how its features might be deployed efficiently on Mars.

For instance, the rover’s back is fully detachable as a field laboratory, and can thus be deployed independently. Each design aspect could explain part of the mission, why such hurdles exist, or what environmental challenges are to be solved. At the very least, from a hypothetical manned mission perspective.

It Might Just Actually be Practical Enough

Finally, despite the rover being designed for show, the basic idea might be just practical enough… from a development curve standpoint. This is because the unmanned Mars 2020 rover that would be actually deployed is still technically a prototype. Its technologies are another step to the know-how required to finally create something that’s exactly like the concept vehicle.

… or so we like to imagine, because it’s just that sleek and cool to behold.

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