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YouTube adds new tool to help creators reach wider set of audience



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YouTube’s looking to help more creators secure branded content deals via a new ‘MediaKit’ addition within YouTube Studio, which will help them better formulate their channel’s pitch for potential ad partners in the app. The new MediaKit display will soon be made available via the BrandConnect tab in YouTube Studio (for those who’ve signed up), will provide a shareable summary of your channel audience and viewer stats, including subscribers, unique viewers, average watch time per clip and more. Channel managers will also be able to update their channel bio in this display, which will not impact their public bio in the app.

This information will then be searchable by BrandConnect partner brands, for potential branded content deals, while channel managers will also be able to download the listing to PDF, which they can then also forward onto potential partners. It’s a good addition, which will help YouTubers better showcase the potential value of their channels for brand promotions, which could help them secure more deals, while it will also give brands more choice as to their ad placements in the app, based on reach and shopping insights.

Youtube new tools for creators

More than 120 million people now watch YouTube content on their home TV sets every month, which has seen a surge in interest during the pandemic, and with that, YouTube can now effectively offer traditional TV ad resonance, with far more advanced targeting and focus.

The updated mobile app allows creators to select a part of their video up to 60 seconds in length and turn that into Shorts content using the same editing tools they’re familiar with inside the app, explains the company. If their selection is less than 60 seconds long, they can then shoot additional videos using the Shorts camera or they can add gallery videos to complete their 60-second Shorts content. Creators motivates to use the tool as a means of generating interest in their long-form content, as YouTube notes that Shorts create using VOD (video on demand) content will automatically link back to the original.

The move may signal how much YouTube parent Google is worry about TikTok’s dominance in short-form. Clearly, it doesn’t think that allowing YouTube’s Shorts library to grow organically through new, original content uploads will be enough to compete. Instead, YouTube has been relying on leveraging its existing long-form content to create more Shorts.

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