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10 Free Phone Tracker Available In The Market



Communication and comprehension are lost these days. People prefer to have an eye on the whereabouts of their children, spouse and loves ones instead of asking one-on-one. This has created the market teeming up with free phone tracker of all sorts.

Luckily, the article articulates the top best cell phone tracker in the business while introducing their features and benefits in one go. So, without delaying this any further, let us initiate this!

FamiSafe- The Best Cell Phone Tracker

Revolutionizing the world of free phone tracker, FamiSafe has pretty much taken the high ground. This magical cell phone tracker lets the parents keep their kids under check and protect them from digital as well as real-life danger. Being effortlessly easy to use and requiring no rooting and jailbreak, FamiSafe is an extremely safe and trustworthy application.

FamiSafe Android activity report

Key Features

Following are some features of this free phone tracker:

  1. The daily monitoring report of the child’s activity is provided in detail to the user whilst having a glance at their browsing history.
  2. The screen time of your child can be limited, and the information regarding their favorite app and time spent on it is provided.

Where’s My Droid

The next GPS phone tracker, allow me to present to you the “Where’s my Droid” application. This award-winning cell phone tracker tool protects the phone against all the potential threats in case the device is stolen or lost. In addition to this, one can activate the “Ring My Phone” feature to notify it in case you forgot it somewhere.

find my phone location by number

Key Features

Following are some features of this amazing phone tracker:

  1. This magical tool lets the user know if someone has changed the sim on their phone.
  2. One can set a passcode to this application, so no one gets the chance to alter the settings activated in it.
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3. Safespy

With a super-sleek stealth design and next-generation technology, allow me to introduce you to a free cell phone tracker online. Safespy, as we call it, lets the user access the data of the targeted device safely. One can know the method of how to track someone’s phone, find the exact location of their kids, call logs of their husband, contacts of your employees, and messages of your loved ones.


Key Features

Following are some features of this effective GPS location tracker:

  1. The geofencing alert makes sure to notify the parent whenever their loved one is in unsafe territory.
  2. No jailbreaking and rooting are required for this app whilst monitoring the phone calls.

4. Google Find My Device

The next phone track app is known to us as Google Find my Device. It is a user-friendly tool that helps in tracking the location of the lost or stolen device. Moreover, it does not require you to install some apps, and the user just has to connect the Android phone to the Google account. With an active and stable internet connection, it becomes easy for the tool to work effectively.

google find my device interface

Key Features

Following are some features of this profound phone tracker:

  1. The user can wipe off their complete data once it is stolen to keep the data safe.
  2. It also presents the feature to ring the device once you are near it. This helps in finding the phone logically.

5. Google Photos

Google Photos is one of those cell phone tracker apps that have aided people in tracking the location for decades. If your phone has been lost or stolen, one can simply know the phone’s exact location while using Google Photos.

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How does Google photos (almost correctly) determine the location of photos - Photography Stack Exchange

Key Features

Following are some features of this productive GEO tracker app:

  1. The “Backup and Sync” feature saves the new pictures taken after the phone was lost to track the location.
  2. Google Photos offer privacy and security to the users and never lets them compromise on it.

6. Life360

The next GEO tracker app is Life360 that has some promising features to offer. Being functional with both Android and iOS, this cell phone tracker app offers the location of the targeted device and ensures safety in doing so. With 24/7 roadside assistance, one can access the representatives and call them for help in case of an emergency.

Support - Life360

Key Features

Following are some features of this live mobile location tracker online:

  1. The app lets the user create circles with people to be in constant contact with them. Their real-time location can also be accessed.
  2. In case of unforeseen circumstances, such as a road accident, Life360 sends help instantly and saves time and lives.

7. Find My iPhone

If you need to know the location of your loved ones at every hour of the day, this tracker app has to be your best bet. The Find My iPhone app lets the iOS user locate the whereabouts of the targeted device. Moreover, it can help you track your Apple device even if it is offline.

The Items tab in the Find My app, displayed on iPhone 12 Pro.

Key Features

Following are some features of this free cell phone tracker online:

  1. It allows the user to delete the content and settings of the device remotely.
  2. With driving directions, Find My iPhone also locks the device with a strong passcode.

8. Glympse

If you are looking to track someone’s phone, allow us to introduce you to a viable live mobile location tracker online app. Glympse is one such app that helps in tracking the location without compromising privacy. Being extraordinarily favorable for a group of people, Glympse lets them be connected to each other. Delivery can also be tracked using this revolutionary tool.

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Glympse location tracker

Key Features

Following are some features of this promising phone tracker:

  1. The real-time location of employees is accessed while keeping privacy intact.
  2. It is a user-friendly app and offers an intuitive social interface.

9. Hoverwatch

A strong mixture of a parental control app and employee monitoring tool, we give you Hoverwatch free cell phone tracker online tool. Being a multifunctional spy app, Hoverwatch allows the user to monitor the child’s location, keep an eye on texts and calls of employees, and establish a close check on the potential activities of their loved ones.

Hoverwatch dashboard

Key Features

Following are some features of this magical GPS phone tracker:

  1. Hoverwatch offers detailed insight on the calls, contacts, messages, websites, and gallery through the “Reports” feature.
  2. It is a screenshot-based monitoring tool. Therefore, it offers profound and extra information. Moreover, the unlock selfie option takes the lead.

10. KidsGuard Pro

The last but wonderfully amazing free cell phone tracker app is at your service. KidsGuardPro is a one of its kind app compatible with Android and iOS devices and offers productive monitoring features. It has a user-friendly and intuitive social interface with a stealth mode that lets parents know the whereabouts of their children without breaking their trust.

Key Features

Following are some features of this practical phone tracker:

  1. The Wi-Fi location logging comes to the rescue when the GPS location of your child’s phone is switched off.
  2. The parents can monitor the social media websites of their children and use the “Screenshot Capture” feature to have a real glance at them.

Final Words

The article offered the top 10 free phone trackers from the market. These trackers come in handy in both personal and professional environments. One can know the whereabouts of their child, loved ones, spouse, and even employees to know exactly what is going on secretively. We hope that we were as clear as crystal during the process.

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