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3 Reasons Why Live Blackjack Diamond VIP Is So Popular



Blackjack has always been the preferred choice of intellectual gamblers who leverage their own mathematical prowess and strategic acumen to overcome the odds. Since the game has transitioned into an online sphere, it’s popularity has swelled even further, meaning that many casinos now have lengthy queues and bet-behinds for people wishing to try their luck.

Of course, there is another class of blackjack player who doesn’t have time to wait their turn or bother themselves with trifling bets. To satisfy these elite clientele, Evolution Gaming have come up with Live Blackjack Diamond VIP, a deluxe version of the game that is specifically aimed at high rollers. While the internet is awash with VIP alternatives for those who like to bet big, Live Blackjack Diamond VIP is blowing away the competition at the moment. Here’s why.


Undoubtedly the number one reason why Diamond VIP is such a big hit is the feeling of exclusivity that accompanies the game. Minimum bets begin at $1,000/€1,000, meaning the table is likely to be too rich for the blood of almost all casual gamers. This means that when you play Evolution Live Blackjack Diamond VIP, you’re nearly guaranteed to have the table all to yourself.

Indeed, behind bets are not even offered as an option, not that they would likely ever become a meaningful consideration. What’s more, the fact that the game is only available in the evening adds an extra frisson of exclusivity to proceedings. All the more reason to put on your glad rags and get dolled up for the occasion.


As is par for the course with Evolution Gaming, they’ve really gone the extra mile to make their VIP offering look the part. The dimly lit playing table is beautifully manicured in crimson and gold, while an immaculately dressed and impeccable mannered dealer will tend to all your needs exclusively. It’s certainly an upscale experience.

While casual players of blackjack might find all this pomp a little superfluous to the actual game itself, Evolution Gaming have built their reputation on this kind of attention to detail. What’s more, if you’re laying down hefty wagers with each hand, you want to have the prestige of your environment match that of your bets. Diamond VIP does not disappoint.


Finally, Live Blackjack Diamond VIP is simply a joy to play. While the rules of the game itself do not differ from standard blackjack, there are a couple of side bet options you can take advantage of. Namely, 21+3 and Perfect Pairs are additional features to the game where attractive odds of up to 100:1 are available, enhancing the gameplay further.

Aside from the rulebook itself, the graphics are also flawless. HD cameras capture the action and relay it to the player from multiple angles, ramping up the excitement levels. The user interface is also an absolute dream, with your view of the dealer unimpeded by control buttons unless you summon them up.

All in all, Live Blackjack Diamond VIP is just one more reason why Evolution Gaming are the undisputed kings of live dealer games online.


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