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3 ways mobile apps can improve HR and employee engagement



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Mobile apps aren’t just for fun and games. They can help with productivity and communication, especially in the workplace. You can even use them to improve your organization’s HR. Here’s how employee engagement can benefit from mobile apps.

Why does employee engagement matter?

Let’s start with understanding the importance of employee engagement. Having your employees engaged with the business is vital for success. When employees are engaged with the work they do and the organization in the wider sense, they are more invested in its success. Engagement can help employees be:

  • More productive and efficient in their work
  • Taking on more responsibilities
  • Invested in organizational goals
  • Better awareness of the company’s mission

Engaged employees are also a lot happier at work. Employees find the work they do more meaningful because it has a bigger impact. This creates a positive cycle. The happier employees are, the more engaged they will be and the more productive they are. Productivity then increases their happiness and so the cycle continues.

What can mobile apps do to boost engagement?

Employee engagement is important. But how can companies improve engagement with the help of mobile apps? There are many ways your organization


could implement the use of mobile apps, especially in the area of HR. Let’s examine the three major ways mobile apps boost engagement:

1. Improving collaboration

Mobile apps are great at boosting collaboration in the workplace. As the name suggested, a mobile app can ensure you can collaborate and communicate on the go. You’re not restricted to a specific time and place. If you want to contact and communicate with a colleague then you can.

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Many mobile apps are also designed with mobility and ease in mind. This is a good thing because it can really boost engagement in the workplace. Getting things done with these apps can be easier and more rewarding. Because you are also connected with other people, you can resolve problems and issues much quicker. All in all, you are going to be speeding up the process of getting things done.

It’s not just employee to employee communication that you’re improving. These apps can do wonders for corporate communication and collaboration. An enterprise app could make it easier to communicate important company news to employees. You can create an in-house app that lets employees know what is happening in the organisation. You can think of it as a newsletter. But an app could be much more engaging and fun for the employees.

2. Boosting transparency

Another important way mobile apps can boost engagement comes from improved communication. Mobile apps can make it easier to share and manage employee information. This in turn will immediately result in more transparency. The more employees feel part of the bigger corporate picture, the more engaged they are going to be. Transparency has the power to do that.

Look at HR software as an example. A good regional example would be the current use of HR software in Dubai. The city is a big believer in different HR products that promote mobile use. For example, an app controlling payroll or holiday pay processing can have a big impact on enjoyment at work. This comes down to the way these HR products offer agency to the employee. Employees become part of the decision making process. They can control their own information and data. When decisions involving them are taken, they can be the first to see it through these clever HR apps.

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This kind of involvement does a lot to boost engagement. When you feel part of the bigger corporate structure and you find it easy to be involved, you are more likely to participate in different aspects of the organisation.

3. Enhancing efficiency

Finally, mobile apps can improve HR and employee engagement with enhanced efficiency. This is thanks to the function many of these apps have and the way they are designed to work. First, the functionality of mobile apps, especially in HR, is crucial for engagement. Most mobile apps are there to make it easier to communicate, monitor and manage data. You can use these apps to be more engaged with your workplace. They are about agency, transparency and involvement. Simple solutions like payroll processing apps instantly make employees closer to what the HR department does.

The second reason is the way these apps are designed. Mobile apps tend to be very streamlined and coherent. They are meant to be used in smartphones and tablets. These hardware restrictions force developers to make everything work with ease. The interface is usually clean and easy to use. All of this can be a crucial factor in determining the app’s success and in turn, guaranteeing it increases employee engagement.

The bottom line

Of course, mobile apps need to be good and used to combat an actual problem or issue within an organisation. You don’t want to make your employees use mobile apps just for the sake of it. Having a lot of apps that aren’t really useful is just going to do the opposite: make employees less engaged. But if you identify the areas in which apps could help your business and the HR department, then you can benefit from them.

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It’s important to always start by identifying a need. What sort of mobile apps could your organisation use? What are the apps that best perform those three benefits mentioned above? You can look at your current HR functionality and quickly identify areas of need. Once you have a need, you can start looking for different HR software. It’s important to look around and find software that works for your business. Opt for cloud-based solutions, as they are often the most cost-effective options for small businesses.

Businesses can benefit from mobile solutions. Studies show these applications are what the modern workforce wants to use. So make sure your business is ready. By including the right mobile apps in your organisation, you can boost employee engagement and improve your chances of business success.


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