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3 Ways To Use Animated Logos



Ways To Use Animated Logos

YouTube was first introduced in 2005 and slowly became one of the most popular social media platforms. Three former PayPal employees first made the website. In the years 2006, Google bought the website for $1.65 billion. The website has over 2 billion followers, and its popularity increases with each passing day. On average, people spend 40 minutes daily surfing YouTube. According to a study, every day there are 1 billion watch hours on this website. People can find various videos on this platform, such as comedy, educational, music, tutorials, and many more. Most of the content marketing creators first shoot their videos but have a hard time when it comes to editing. People can find various video makers online and utilize it for editing their video.

Nowadays, most of the YouTube videos come with an intro. In this intro, people often include their channel’s name and logo. Since the old days, the business has used logos to create brand awareness. Every brand wants to stand out and make a name for themselves among their competitors, and many opt for using logos. With the advancement of the digital world, people can now choose logo animation. When people incorporate logos and animation together, it turns visually appealing and attracts customer engagement.


Why should you opt for logo animation?

Many people take parts of a static logo, break them in many pieces, and animate those parts getting back together. This technique is still in the early stages, and most of the users don’t opt for it. But for the handful of brands that use this tend to end up with great results. Also, people know that motion tends to attract more audience. Often when we see moving objects, our eyes draw in that direction. Also, users tend to remember a motion video for a more extended period of time than a static image.

 But many people don’t have the option to spend lots of money on editing software. For those who are willing to opt for a budget-friendly option should visit InVideo. This YouTube editor provides customers with a variety of customizable templates. People can also use some of their features, such as graphics, animation, and transition.

Ways to use logo animation

Animation logos look fun and also play an important role in grabbing the audience’s attention. But people should know how to use this feature and utilize it for their benefits.


1. Intro to branded videos

 Over the years, video marketing has started growing a lot. According to research, 98% of marketers opt for video marketing. Also, most of them have great results and plan on spending more than the previous year. But this has given rise to competition in the market. If you want your video to look more professional, then consider including an animated logo in the introduction. This lets your customer get familiar with your brand from the moment they press the play button.

2. Outro to branded videos

 Most marketers think that the animated logo doesn’t work well with outros. But this is completely false as it has the same significance as intros. Many professionals suggest using animated logos in both intros and outros. This will help the audience remember your brand for a more extended period of time. After the audience completes watching the video, you want them to take the necessary steps. This can either be contacting you for a demo or buying your product or service. When you end the video with your animated logo, you can display your brand in front of your audience.


3. Homepage of your website

 People who use the animated logo in various places should have it present on their website’s homepage. Your visitors will get a pleasant surprise to see the animated logo on your homepage. But make sure the animated logo only loops once. If it is on a loop, the visitor will get annoyed and click out of your page.


Best animated logo of all time

As the animated logo became a trend among marketers, we have compiled some of the best-animated logos of all time in this article.


1. Designtorget: With the help of animated logos, brands can tell the customers what service or products they provide. Designtorget did exactly that with their video. With the help of “D” and “T,” the logo creates various products, which the store sells, such as furniture and tableware. This also helps portray the aesthetic and minimalist approach of the brand. This is a great way to reveal how a logo can contribute to the story behind a brand.


2. Allvit: Many use animated logos to draw attention to a particular thing that we miss in a common logo. We see various brands use logos to hide meaning behind it regarding their product or services. But it takes users some time to notice the inner meaning behind these logos. The online book search depository Allvit turns the magnifying glass in the negative space of the “a” that hints users to use the search option on their website.


3. Fox: Many use animation logos when they are transitioning to a new brand identity. With the help of a logo, you can address this issue. Turn your renowned logo into the new one to make the customers aware of your new brand identity. Fox entertainment launched a logo to complement its main identity.


4. Eat:  We know that black and white combination for the logo is a classic way to go. And people can also use it when they opt for animated logos. According to professionals, black and white will never go out of style, and brands should utilize it to the fullest. They look classy and attract the audience’s attention. Motion designers can play with the logo when turning it into an animation. Eat is an exhibition of food in Singapore. The creator of this logo made the logo in such a way that after you eat, you become “FAT.”


These logos are some of the best logos out there that people can take inspiration from while making a logo for their own brand.

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