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35 Final Fantasy 7 Remake Easter Eggs And Callbacks To The Original



Observe: This text incorporates spoilers for Closing Fantasy 7 Remake and the unique FF7, so learn on at your individual danger if you have not completed them!

Regardless that Closing Fantasy 7 Remake has the phrase “remake” within the title, it is extra of an adaptation of the Midgar portion of the unique FF7 story than it’s a straight retelling. As a result of the brand new recreation takes some liberties with the outdated one, it is filled with moments that reimagine parts of the unique, whereas creating new jokes, references, and Easter eggs based mostly on the 1997 recreation. The result’s a recreation that is barely totally different from what followers keep in mind, however which is lovingly paying homage to a basic.

We have compiled an entire host of Easter eggs, references, callbacks, and jokes present in Closing Fantasy 7 Remake beneath, however there are various, many extra. Drop your favorites within the feedback beneath.

Table of Contents

1. A Nibel of Nibelheim

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FF7 Remake brings a number of parts from later within the FF7 story to the forefront–like Cloud’s visions. Within the authentic recreation, as he approaches Reactor 1 to set the bomb, Cloud hears a voice that warns, “Be careful. This is not only a reactor.” Within the remake, that second (and some extra) contains flashbacks to Cloud’s youthful life within the village of Nibelheim. We additionally see flashes of him rising up with Tifa and telling her that he is leaving for SOLDIER, as seen within the authentic.

2. My Coronary heart’s In Correl

Although you spend a number of time with Barret in FF7 Remake, the sport would not embody a lot details about his background–or that vast gun hooked up to his arm. There are refined nods to Barret’s backstory all through the sport, although. After we discover the Avalanche chief arguing with Shinra staff on the Sector 7 practice in Chapter 2, a model of the Correl Theme, the music from Barret’s hometown, performs within the background. It is an allusion to Barret’s historical past with the corporate and the way he misplaced that hand, one thing that does not come up till later within the story.

3. Loosen up And Save

There aren’t any save factors within the remake, in contrast to the unique recreation. You’ll discover helpful park benches scattered all through the sport that restore your HP and MP, although. Since they play the same position, every is adorned with the save level icon from the primary FF7.

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4. This is Johnny!

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The dopiest man within the Midgar Slums, Johnny, can also be a personality within the authentic recreation, though his newer incarnation has higher comedic timing. In 1997’s FF7, Johnny and his household lived subsequent door to Tifa’s Seventh Heaven, they usually’re wearing a lot the identical approach. Within the remake, you’ll be able to spend a number of time with Johnny if you wish to, and even have some barely bizarre conversations along with his dad in Wall Market.

5. 32-Bit Seventh Heaven

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Look carefully on the wall of Tifa’s bar within the remake and you’ll find a photograph of the inside of the identical location from the unique recreation, in all its pre-rendered glory.

6. Outfit Change

Full sufficient side-quests with Tifa in Chapter Three and you may unlock an occasion referred to as “Discovery: Alone at Final,” which supplies you a particular scene with Tifa. Go to her in her condominium and you may spot a pair of cowboy boots that look an entire lot like those she wore in flashbacks of Nibelheim, each within the authentic recreation and within the remake.

7. Princess Understudy

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In Chapter 4, you get an opportunity to go to Jessie’s home, however whereas everybody else enjoys pizza, Cloud has to sneak within the again. When you’re prowling round, you’ll find a letter Jessie despatched her dad and mom telling them she obtained solid in a play on the Gold Saucer. Cloud remarks aloud, “Jessie Rasberry as … The Princess?” Within the authentic recreation, you’d participate in that play once you visited the Gold Saucer, with Yuffie taking part in Jessie’s position.

8. Reactor Slide

As you’re employed your approach by way of Reactor 5, Tifa suggests sliding down some pipes to achieve Mako Storage. It looks like a novel thought (if a harmful one), however it’s truly a callback to the unique recreation’s Reactor 5 mission, which noticed the workforce sliding down some pipes as effectively.

9. All In The Timing

Opening the safety door within the Sector 5 Reactor has Cloud, Barret, and Tifa all making an attempt to throw levers in time with one another. The second is a direct nod to a timing minigame within the authentic in the identical part.

10. A Sure Materia

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Cloud meets Aerith in the identical approach as within the authentic when he plummets by way of the ceiling of her church and lands in her flower mattress. In the course of the encounter, Aerith mentions the Materia she retains tied in her ribbon. When she brings it up, Cloud has a short imaginative and prescient of a cutscene from the unique recreation of that very same Materia within the Metropolis of the Ancients–a trace of plot twists to return.

11. Improvised Weapon

Loads of weapons and objects in FF7 Remake additionally appeared within the authentic recreation, however a number of seem in a brand new capability. The Nail Bat you get within the authentic is a robust weapon however with important drawbacks, together with an absence of Materia slots. Within the remake, the weapon pops up a lot earlier, in Sector 5–you earn it from the children of the Sector 5 Slums, who brandish it on patrols to tackle monsters (and who later change it with wood Buster Sword knock-offs). However within the remake, the Nail Bat is definitely a weapon you need to use all through the sport, with Materia slots and perks that make it fairly helpful.

12. Lookout Under

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Identical to within the authentic, your escape from the church with Aerith entails dropping issues from the ceiling on the unsuspecting Shinra troops beneath, although not in the identical gamified style this time.

13. Nice Minds Mosey

As you permit the Sector 5 church to cross the rooftops with Aerith, she asks, “Ought to we mosey on over?” This needs to be a nod to one in all Cloud’s extra well-known strains within the authentic: “Let’s mosey.” Cid provides him guff for it, however within the remake, Cloud rolling out the phrase “mosey” in preparation for a battle would make sense as a callback to Aerith.

14. Sneaky Sneaky

Closing Fantasy 7 Remake revamps quite a lot of minor moments and mini-games from the unique, like sneaking out of Aerith’s home. Within the remake, you could keep away from bumping into objects and making noise that might alert Aerith, whereas within the authentic, transferring any sooner than a stroll would trigger her to listen to your footsteps and are available examine.

15. An Extraordinarily Harmful Merchandise Store

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Drop by Wall Market and also you is likely to be confused by the automated merchandise store, the place you are supposed to have the ability to get any merchandise you want–for a price. If you attempt to use it, a gun descends from the ceiling and makes an attempt to fireplace at Cloud. That very same “prank” merchandise store is within the authentic, and returning to it later within the recreation is the one technique to get Tifa’s final weapon. We’ll have to attend and see in the event that they ever get that wiring fastened in one of many remake’s subsequent entries.

16. Strike A Pose

Most fight encounters wrap up with the workforce going about their enterprise, perhaps participating in somewhat banter. That is not the case within the Corneo Colosseum, the place you may see your celebration’s particular animations after they’re victorious. Cloud spins his sword over his head, Tifa stretches, Barret throws a fist within the air, and Aerith smooths out her dress–all the victory animations from the unique recreation. And whereas the victory fanfare music from the unique would not often play in FF7 Remake, Barret typically fills in by singing the tune himself.

17. Excessive Makeover: Hell Dwelling Version

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Loads of monsters from the unique recreation wind up with a barely totally different twist within the remake. The Hell Home was one of many weirder enemies in 1997, and it makes a particular return within the remake with a flourish. Given how powerful it’s to get something however a ramshackle hut within the slums, it form of is sensible to catch unsuspecting victims with a killer home. Possibly this was one in all Hojo’s robotic creations?

18. Wall-to-Wall References

Nearly the whole lot in Wall Market is a callback to the identical location within the authentic recreation, however even the construction of the side-quests is an homage. A number of of them mirror the steps it took to get Cloud dressed as much as infiltrate Don Corneo’s mansion. In “The Celebration Lasts All Night time,” you run errands for the native dressmaker–which is what it took to get Cloud a costume within the authentic. Successful a squat-off on the fitness center earned Cloud a wig in 1997.

19. These Are Some Particular Threats

Whereas a number of the issues about assembly Don Corneo have been modified, one factor about it’s taken instantly from the primary recreation. Tifa, Aerith, and Cloud’s varied threats to Don Corneo’s non-public elements are all strains used within the authentic’s script.

20. Misplaced In The Graveyard

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In Chapter 11’s Practice Graveyard, you may face the Ghoul, an all-new boss. However very similar to the Hell Home, there is a returning foe that is been revamped–Eligor is one other minor enemy encounter from the unique that is gotten the complete boss combat therapy.

21. That Was a Very Impolite Factor to Do

As Cloud and Tifa climb the Sector 7 pillar in Chapter 12, Reno strains up a shot on Tifa along with his helicopter’s minigun. On the final minute, Impolite swerves the helicopter, inflicting Reno to overlook the shot. The remake provides no clarification for Impolite’s habits, however we all know the rationale from the unique. In the course of the Gongaga part of FF7, we discover out Impolite’s been crushing onerous on Tifa–enough to save lots of her life.

22. Solely Sith Offers In Completely Out-Of-Place Cameos

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In the course of the Sector 7 plate collapse cutscene, we briefly see an odd cat overlooking the devastation. That may be Cait Sith from the unique, a personality the remake has solely launched not directly up to now. Within the authentic, the plushy Cait Sith is managed by Shinra government Reeve–we get a Cait Sith tease right here after seeing Reeve attempt to fail to cease Shinra’s plan to drop the plate a number of instances from his place on the board.

23. A Kalm Earlier than the Storm

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Within the authentic recreation, relying on the way you handled and responded to sure characters, you’ll wind up on a date with both Barret, Tifa, Aerith, or Yuffie when visiting the Gold Saucer. When you do not go to the Gold Saucer fairly but within the remake, there’s a way more somber tackle the idea in Chapter 14. Relying in your actions all through the sport and the way you select to answer Aerith and Tifa, you are handled to a (principally unhappy) scene with one in all them. Selections that present a chilly perspective to each the ladies land you a scene with Barret.

24. Leslie Knopes On Out of Midgar

Leslie, a brand-new character within the remake, initially warns Cloud, Aerith, and Tifa of the hazard that comes with interacting with Don Corneo. Finally, it is revealed that Leslie helps out as a result of he is on the lookout for revenge in opposition to Corneo after Leslie’s fiancee was chosen to be one in all his consorts. Within the authentic, the subsequent time within the story you see Don Corneo is when you determine to go go to Wutai. Is that once we’ll see Leslie subsequent, nonetheless looking the slumlord?

25. Combat of the Valkyrie

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Chapter 15 sees you ascending the collapsed Sector 7 Plate within the remake, earlier than going through a Shinra weapon referred to as the Valkyrie–a flying machine with twin machine weapons and a drill for a butt. Within the authentic, you solely battle this machine within the second half of the boss combat in opposition to the Arsenal (which reveals up in Chapter 17 within the remake). Although it seems out of order, we’re glad the Valkyrie made it again in some kind.

26. Stairway to (Seventh) Heaven

Identical to within the authentic, you’ll be able to both sneak into the higher ranges of Shinra HQ by taking the steps, or, per Barret’s recommendation, by taking the elevator to go in gun-arms-blazing (and with lots much less cardio). The remake’s elevator experience even options a number of battles with Shinra troops like FF7 did in 1997, however the chief distinction between the 2 selections are the dialogue and story moments you get in every one. And there is no elixir midway up the steps this time, sadly.

27. I am going to By no means Let Go

In the course of the guided tour of Shinra’s historical past, Barret makes a remark about by no means trusting Shinra, whereas his gun-arm. Just like the Corel theme again in Chapter 4, that is one other allusion to Barret’s backstory and the way he wound up utilizing a gun for a prosthetic, which comes up later within the authentic however hasn’t been lined but within the Remake.

28. Metropolis of Angels

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Because the characters find out about Shinra’s objectives within the Leisure Corridor in Chapter 16, the part protecting the Ancients reveals a snippet of what might very effectively be The Metropolis of the Ancients, with the structure resembling the ocean shell-like design the placement had within the authentic recreation.

29. Nanaki, The Huge Purple Lab-Rat-Canine

When the workforce encounters Purple XIII in Chapter 16, Tifa asks what his actual identify is, moderately than the designation he obtained from Hojo. Purple responds by bowing his head, ashamed he is turn out to be up to now faraway from his outdated life. Cloud adjustments the topic, but when they hadn’t so rapidly moved on, Purple may need revealed his given identify from his hometown in Cosmo Canyon, Nanaki. Take pleasure in being referred to as “Purple” for the remainder of the sport, ya goof.

30. “Hey, What If We Turned Swordipede Right into a Boss Combat”

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Yet one more enemy present in a random battle has been given a makeover: Swordipede. What was as soon as an enemy that might be taken down with a few Lightning spells now takes on all 5 members of your celebration in one of many cooler encounters of Chapter 17.

31. A Lengthy Time In the past, In a Promised Land Far, Far Away

Within the authentic recreation, after rescuing Aerith, Cloud and the gang are captured by Reno and Impolite earlier than they’ll escape Shinra HQ, and are tossed into jail cells. To progress the story, it’s a must to have conversations with Aerith, Tifa, Purple XIII, and Barret. As a substitute for the remake, Cloud awakens within the room the place Aerith grew up, and he or she shares the same story about her heritage as an Historical in a nod to the unique scene.

32. Reply The PHS

To make it by way of Hojo’s analysis laboratory, The Drum, it’s a must to make use of communication machines scattered about with the identify PHS written throughout them. These can help you swap management between Cloud and Barret in a single part of the lab, and Aerith and Tifa in one other. Within the authentic, you used the PHS system to swap your celebration members out and in at save factors.

33. Firm Man’s Greatest Pal

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Identical to the unique, Rufus fights Cloud along with his trustworthy companion, Darkstar, when he reveals up in Chapter 17. Rufus additionally exits the combat by grabbing onto a passing helicopter with one hand. Traditional, Rufus, am I proper? No, actually, it is basic Rufus.

34. Get Again, Flashback, You Do not Know Me Like That

At varied factors, however particularly in chapters 16, 17, and 18, your characters obtain flashes of the longer term. In them, you may see cutscenes which might be taken shot-for-shot from the unique recreation and from the Closing Fantasy 7 CGI sequel film Introduction Youngsters, redone within the remake’s engine. For instance, one flash reveals Meteor plummeting towards Midgar amid a crimson sky, creating tornadoes within the metropolis. One other reveals Purple XIII operating with two little pups by his facet. Nonetheless one other reveals Cloud in a pool of water. You can too briefly catch a glimpse of a scene from the introduction to Introduction Youngsters as Cloud leaps in direction of Sephiroth. Based mostly on the way in which the sport ends, it is anyone’s guess if these scenes will recur in additional FF7 Remake installments.

35. “What a Crew”

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On the finish of Chapter 17, the workforce is stopped by Heidegger and a batch of Shinra troopers, the place Barret, Aerith, and Purple give a hilarious intro to their identities. The gist of the scene is identical within the authentic, though the main points are barely totally different. Within the first FF7, it is Rufus who asks, “By the way in which, simply who’re you?” with every member of the celebration describing themselves in response. It is one of many first moments that reiterate what a rag-tag workforce you have assembled.

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