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5 benchmarks you need to know while choosing a Salesforce Integration Software



Salesforce Integration Software

If you are in a sales team, you probably know how it impacts revenue generation and the brand value among the target customers.

Customer acquisition and retention is the first and last thing every business thinks of, from idea generation to product development to marketing it. 

Even though you get immense customer data, if you don’t use salesforce integration software, you don’t get lightning-quick ROI.

One of the reasons Salesforce has been so popular is their many integrations with the sales tools we use to sell every day whether LinkedIn for lead gen, SalesHood for Sales Enablement efforts, or Docusign for getting those deals closed – they’ve automated the process for their customers.

Here are five benchmarks you need to look into a salesforce integration software before purchasing it for your business. 

  • The Org Strategy

Organizational strategy is what is commonly called an “Org” strategy in sales. It is the actions a company takes to achieve its long-term goals. 

Every department within the business has a different salesforce org, which ultimately ties up to the main goal-the vision statement of the organization. 

Theoretically, these targets are achieved through various means, but you need to better understand the long-term goal to accomplish it from a strategic perspective. 

For example, Dell didn’t have a defined org strategy to deal with its evolving business and audience until several years back. They have now framed a specific org strategy (single vs multiple org) to level up their business. 

Here are some questions they asked themselves to reflect on their business stage

  1. Does the present structure help or hinders the business?
  2. What is the specific org strategy that works for us?
  3. Are we resolving the problem that arises in the salesforce integration software?
  4. Does our significant integration project help our business benefit?
  • The apt time to shift Data
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When you integrate your salesforce with the software, you need to consider transferring data from the source application to the org. 

There are many factors like regulatory measures, data currency that influence this entire process. 

The bigger picture opens up the possibility to access the salesforce data in remote systems through the salesforce integration software. 

You can also consider factors like

  1. The Data capacity inside the software depending on the number of licenses and versions.
  2. Accessibility to external data within the salesforce integration software.
  3. Supplementary tools for real-time reporting and customizable dashboards.
  4. Inventory and order status data through systems like salesforce connect.
  • Understand the configuration options

You need to know that salesforce integration software gives innovative and creative solutions for integrating without coding. 

  Significantly, they save you time, effort, and cost in the long run. 

For example, if you share or transfer the data from one salesforce software to another, it does the process between two distinct orgs. Moreover, it helps the best when you have a partner who uses the salesforce.

Similarly, the cross-org has a corresponding effect, but it doesn’t make a copy to access the org data. However, it may require API calling to get the data.

  • In-house Salesforce Integration 

Governor limits give the edge for accessing Salesforce data in resource consumption within the org like several queries per transaction, inbound API requests. 

As breaching the governor limits fails your business structure, it is crucial to stay within the relevant governor limits.

Numerous coping strategies may alleviate governor limits to deal with the heavy traffic in mobile apps. 

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Sometimes, you can purchase additional capacity in your salesforce integration software to get the overall solution.

The Bottomline

With the right salesforce integration software, you can frame the apt architectural consideration that maximizes customer acquisition data utilization, thus achieving your long-term business goal.

We hope our in-depth insights help to find the perfect salesforce integration software for your business.

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