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5 Burning Questions From Season 3 Episode 7 – Variety



SPOILER ALERT: Don’t learn in case you have not but watched the seventh episode of “Westworld” Season 3.

The penultimate episode of “Westworld” Season Three lastly gave viewers the Dolores-Maeve showdown that had been teased all season lengthy, and it didn’t disappoint.

However previous to that, Dolores (Evan Rachel Wooden) and Caleb (Aaron Paul) arrived at Serac’s (Vincent Cassel) facility in Mexico the place he imprisoned those that he deemed outliers to his world view. It was additionally the place he had been retaining his outdated tremendous pc Solomon below lock and key. After wandering by means of the halls and interesting in a protracted dialog with Solomon, Caleb managed to piece collectively the fragments of his reminiscence to make one complete, traumatic image.

It turned out that he had been recognized as an outlier after being discharged from the army. He was taken to this facility and reprogrammed by Serac’s sick psychiatrists to seek out different outliers along with his companion Francis (Child Cudi), utilizing Serac’s Rico utility. All this time Caleb thought that Francis was died in an assault on their military unit, however now he remembered that he killed his greatest pal in a dramatic, virtually Western model shoot-out after Rico provided each males an exorbitant amount of cash to kill one another.

Throughout this complete epiphany, Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) and Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth) freed William (Ed Harris) from one other twisted Serac facility, and collectively they set off to search out Maeve (Thandie Newton) and Dolores. Nevertheless, William nonetheless despised hosts and trusted them even much less after being betrayed by host Hale (Tessa Thompson).

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Received all that? It’s admittedly, a little bit complicated, so with out additional ado, Selection presents 5 of probably the most burning ones from an action-packed episode.

Which different hosts will Serac carry to the desk?

The very starting of Episode 7 noticed the return of two hosts, particularly Clementine (Angela Serafyan) and Hanaryo (Tao Okamoto), who had been now below Serac’s management. The Huge Unhealthy had them take out the Musashi (Hiroyuki Sanada) model of Dolores, beheading him in a restaurant in Indonesia for good measure. However this led to the query of which different hosts Serac will reanimate to do his bidding? He already had Maeve and now these two below his little finger, so clearly he was taking a web page out of his personal outlier looking playbook, sending increasingly hosts after one another.

When will William do one thing helpful for as soon as?

After virtually a whole season of being disoriented and mentally scarred, it appeared that William had lastly been jolted again to actuality by the not-so-conventional remedy he obtained whereas in captivity. Absolutely meaning he’s now considering logically and has realized that people are his actual enemies, not hosts, proper? Fallacious. He, Bernard and Stubbs barely set foot exterior the ability when William discovered a shotgun on the ground and turned it on his rescuers. For crying out loud, William, these males simply rescued you from an eternity trapped in thoughts jail hell, is pumping them with lead actually the way you’re going to repay them? This appeared like a perfect alternative for William to be taught to belief somebody for the primary time in his life, to not betray them for his personal acquire. One can at all times hope, proper?

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What occurs when an unstoppable power meets an immovable object?

Concurrently Caleb was having his deep, significant dialog with Solomon, Maeve and Dolores had been engaged in an epic battle throughout the Mexican compound. Curiously, they each introduced a fellow piece of tech to the get together, with Dolores utilizing a drone-controlled sniper rifle and Maeve, a flying transport machine with appreciable firepower. After some Katana motion within the kitchen — and a tense remaining knife combat in a barn — Dolores bought her arm blown off and crawled again to Solomon’s hangar. Maeve adopted, looming over her, about to ship the ultimate blow when out of the blue Dolores pulled the plug…

How lengthy will Dolores and Maeve be out of fee?

Simply because it appeared Dolores was about to grow to be spare elements, she smashed the “on” button of an enormous EMP gadget that was getting used to maintain Solomon in verify. All three machines current (Dolores, Maeve and Solomon) instantly shutdown. Caleb emerged from the huge underground chamber the place all of the outliers had been suspended in pods to discover a one-armed Dolores mendacity immobile on the bottom. Whereas it might appear logical that Caleb would try to discover a solution to revive Dolores, he appeared to produce other, extra urgent plans.

What’s Solomon’s remaining technique and may Caleb enact it?

Not solely has Caleb realized the reality about his previous, however Solomon has additionally given him the ultimate technique to defeat Serac and free humanity from Incite’s controlling narrative. However there was nonetheless no indication from Solomon or Caleb what this supposedly devastating plan entailed. We all know that Dolores described it as her remaining hope to make sure the hosts’ survival, but thus far Serac has been one step forward at each flip. Maybe the finale will give some perception as to how the tables might be turned. Within the remaining shot of Episode 7, a mysterious voice informed Caleb that it had directions for him. Who might or not it’s? Guess we’ll have to attend till subsequent week to search out out.

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“Westworld” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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