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5 Eco-Friendly Habits for Coffee Lovers



Coffee pods

Coffee is amongst the most popular drinks in the world. Almost everyone loves a shot of black coffee in the morning to kick-start their day on a high note. But unknowingly the coffee lovers are taking a toll on the environment. A lot of energy goes into processing coffee beans to make coffee powder. Moreover, if people are buying coffee from a local store, then a lot of waste is generated in the form of things like cups, coffee carriers, napkins, etc. If a certain coffee brand is shipped to global markets, then there is an environmental impact due to its transportation. So yes, coffee does have an impact on the environment. This doesn’t mean that you have to give up coffee to reduce your carbon footprint. There are a lot of things that you can do to reduce the effect of your coffee on the environment.

Buy local coffee

Shipping coffee around the world requires transportation services which are dependent on petroleum. An increase in the use of petroleum products will throw more toxic smoke in the atmosphere and pollute it. Thus, buying locally produced coffee is a good choice to make. By doing this you will also be supporting the local farmers and their fresh local produce. Not only is the local economy benefited but the carbon footprint is also reduced. Making such a wise decision will make you happy.

Coffee pods

Switching to coffee pods is an ideal way to go eco-friendly. Making coffee from coffee pods is easy and saves a lot of time. The pods are available in multiple flavors, so you can buy the coffee pod flavor you like. It’s easy to carry them around so you can enjoy your coffee at any time of the day. The pods are biodegradable and can be discarded without any hassle. Using these pods will reduce the carbon footprint of your household. You can even gift these pods to a coffee lover and encourage them to switch to an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

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Brew your own coffee

Coffee chains are numerous and people find it easy to grab a cup of coffee from one coffee store. Carbon emission from such stores takes a toll on the environment. You can start making your coffee at home. It might sound tough to brew your coffee at home, but it isn’t. Firstly, you can create an infusion that suits your taste. Secondly, you would be saving the environment from carbon emissions. Buy a manual grinder, a brewer and a reusable filter to get started. The best part is that you can make a bigger brew batch and use it for days.


Travel mug

Many coffee lovers find it difficult to manage a coffee mug as carrying and cleaning it is another task for them. But if you are working towards living a sustainable environmentally friendly lifestyle, then you should own one. buying a cool mug will eliminate the need for Styrofoam or plastic cups. A lot of websites sell unique and funny coffee mugs. Even the coffee chains would be happy to fill your coffee mug for you. These mugs are efficient in maintaining the coffee temperature for longer durations. Think about getting a coffee mug to enjoy your coffee throughout the day.

Recycle or compost coffee

Coffee grounds have a lot of nutrients in them. The nitrogen present in coffee is good fertilizer. This is the reason that makes them the best compost for a home or community garden. A lot of cafes sell the used coffee grounds to local farmers instead of discarding them. You can also recycle coffee grounds by using it as a fertilizer for your garden. This creates another use case for you to brew your own coffee and reduces your household’s carbon footprint as well.

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These are some of the simple changes by which you can make your coffee habit less harsh on the environment. At the end of the day, it’s you who has to create a balance between your coffee and saving the environment. By following some of the above steps you can do both and become a responsible citizen. Do share your tips which you have implemented to make your coffee habit more environmentally friendly.

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