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5 Online Address Generator to Make Random gaming Profile



Games have become a common habit of every person in the world without considering his age. Everyone wants to play games to get entertainment in his spare time. 

Sometimes, you are not able to buy a game even if you love it the most. The reason is area or region restrictions due to which a game is unable to run in your region.

It happens mostly to people who are living in Eastern countries because of laws implemented there. If you are facing the same problem and want to get its solution, keep reading.

In this article, we will give you the best solution to unlock those games that are not workable in your region.

What is Online Address Generator?

An online address generator is a specific tool that will give you a fake identity with complete residential details. 

These tools are made on a specific design to get a particular address for you from any country.

The details that you will get from such tools will not be real but they look real. Most of the tools have been programmed well to design an address according to the region a user has selected.

That is why no one will be able to detect that you are accessing the game from a region where it has been prohibited. In turn, you can play a game as many times as you want to play.

No doubt, the designers of a game will get your exact and real location using your IP address. But this is not a threatening factor because no developer wishes that a player will leave his space.

So, you can play games freely without getting worried about interruptions in the game.

The question is how to get a fake address that a person can use anywhere without any restriction. 

We are here with a list of the top 5 fake address generators available on the internet.

Best tools to generate fake address

After analyzing a huge list of tools, we extract these 5 tools that we have found the best in the market. 

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You should read about the features of tools available in this shortlist to get a reliable tool for your task.


On the top of our list, we have a random address generator by Prepostseo. It is a platform from where you will get a comprehensive list of tools to deal with various tasks in the online field.

Many tools provide you with only basic details like name, address, and pin code. Anyone expert in his field will detect that you are using an address generator for this task.

By using the Prepostseo tool, you will get complete details including name, address, pin code, date of birth, phone number, gender, and others.

Therefore, it will surely give you an identity that can cover any platform’s customer details section. 

In this way, you can use the address generated by this tool to buy any game without any problem.

This tool will not restrict you to few countries while working on this task. It has more than 20 countries available in its list from which you have to choose any one as per your requirements.

In addition to personal details, it will also generate fake financial details, internet details, and employment details.

Another feature of this tool is that you can use it freely. You don’t have to use your authentic information like email and name to register with this platform.

All in all, this tool will generate an identity for you on which anyone can believe.  


Fakexy is also serving the gamers to enjoy various games according to their taste using a fake address. 

It is also a comprehensive platform from where you can get the address of multiple countries.

It has different sections in the menu bar with names of different popular countries. By clicking on a country name, you will get a unique and authentic address of that country.

Abide by this, you will also find another list of almost 20 countries by clicking on the “All countries” section. 

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In short, you can buy any game without any problem as you have various options to use.

This tool will also enable you to use its generated credit card number from the same page to buy a free trial of the game.

In this way, it will work as a dual generator for gamers and enable them to cover multiple dimensions.

The only problem that many find in this tool is the multiple section’s availability. 

Many users leave this place and move towards others because they found it difficult to select a country by vising other pages.


In the third place of our list, we have a fake address generator by WebNots. With this tool, you only have to select the region for which you want to create a new address.

In the upper section, you will get a box to get a dropdown list of countries and languages used in them. After selecting any of them, you have to click on the “Generate” button.

The tool will get a fake address that will be authentic in all aspects. It will take few seconds for a tool to give you an address from any region that you have selected.

But this tool has some limitations because of which we have ranked it in such a lower position. First of all, you will get limited details about the address.

Sometimes, you have to complete a game’s purchase section with comprehensive details. The address generated by this tool will be useless in such conditions.

Secondly, you can’t use this tool freely as you can the above-discussed. You have to make an account with this platform to get a fake address for accessing games.


If you want to play a game that is available and legal in the United States, then you must pick 

It is a tool that will design a brand new and unique US address for every user.

The process to use this tool is pretty simple as compared to other tools. You don’t have to select any country because it allows you to complete this task within one country.

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Just browse the tool and click on the “Generate” button to get a random US address. The tool will provide basic details only instead of any advanced information.

Many people find it perfect for their simple use. But when it comes to subscribing to a game that demands complete details, the address becomes insufficient.

In addition to this, you can’t play or buy those games that are unavailable in the United States. Therefore, you should choose this tool after analyzing the game region.

  • has one of the most comprehensive address generators available on the internet. 

Almost every country is available in its provided list from which you can get a new address.

You only have to check the game nature and regions in which it is legal to register with them. Then, you click on the dropdown menu named “Worldwide” and select that country.

The tool credit card generator will generate a unique address according to that specific region. The only problem with this tool is the limitation in details due to which we have listed it in the last place.

Overall, the tool has a perfect interface and working method. But the limited details will not enough sometimes to buy games and play them.

In many of the games, you will get few sections that are missing in the address generated by this tool. Therefore, many gamers avoid its usage and pick another tool with complete details.


The above list of tools will provide the necessary data to fulfill the requirements of almost every game section. 

You can complete the purchase page of a game and start playing it without any problem.

Keep in mind that the address will seem real only but these are not real addresses. So, you can only put them as a dummy address.

If you have to receive documents after registration, we don’t recommend you to use a fake address generator.

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