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5 Steps to Automate Your Workflow



Automate Your Workflow

Sometimes it can feel like the only thing holding your business back is how much work you can complete in a day.  Automation gives us the chance to have simple processes of our businesses running in the background to focus on the more important parts.  Although you should never go completely hands-free with your company, you should give yourself the tools you need to help you.

Simplify Customer Service

Studying a company’s customer service is the fastest way to figure out how they view and treat their work.  A company that takes pride in its work will have the customer service skills and availability needed to show that.  Unfortunately, nobody is available at all times.  Instead, automation gives us the chance to hand over the reins and have the simple questions answered. You’ll still have to answer the more complicated questions, but a bot is useful for most. For most businesses, delegating customer service tasks to contact centers in the Philippines is another best option. Unlike with bots, this will maintain a person to person communication which is something that will want your customers to feel. 

Good Order Software

What good is a printing company without good print shop software? Look for software that is bespoke to the type of company you run and will make completing orders easier for you.  If that means finding one that will be able to help you schedule physical appointments, or if your dream software could alert you the moment there’s a custom order: it’s possible.  A great ordering software is invaluable.

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Getting Packages Picked Up

Spending time driving to drop off packages can be considered wasted time. Don’t fall victim to that!  Instead, set up pick-up through USPS or FedEx, and they’ll help you save time.  While they pick up your orders, you can spend your time more fruitfully, working on orders that will be shipped out in the next big collection.  Shop around to ensure you’re getting a good shipping price, and consider which services your customers are more interested in having available.

Product Replenishment Automation

If a company finds itself out of products to create their merchandise or resell, it can stunt how much money it makes. Product replenishment automation ensures that if you’re running low, or it’s been a set amount of time, that another batch of that product will be ordered.  This can happen through ordering software, keeping track of how much is being used, or simply setting up recurring deliveries in a window that suits the speed at which your orders are shipped.

Nurture Leads and Gain Customers

There’s no business without customers. Therefore, automating lead generation and customer conversion is vital to keep your company thriving.  You may not understand what this looks like for your business, but consider if you could turn more of your website hits into customers?

Advertisements don’t have a high return, but if you could increase the number of people who saw it when it was something they were already interested in, it can be impossibly useful. In addition, automation that emails out deals, contacts lead if they left something in their cart, or contacts people who visited and entered their information but didn’t follow through can all help turn these otherwise missed connections into sales.

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