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5 tips for the perfect Instagram selfie: Make your Flawless



Instagram has been one of the most popular social media platforms for the last few years. Here you can follow the adventures and the day-to-day life of your friends, like-minded people, and celebrities. And you have the possibility to share your favorite photos and videos with your following. You do have to make an effort to capture the attention of your audience. To get the most out of every wall post, reel and story, you have to use the right hashtags, choose your captions carefully and produce the best possible images. Just you and a smartphone won’t be enough: influencers nowadays can’t do without a good backdrop, a light ring for their iPhone or smartphone, and the necessary editing apps. Do you want to know their secrets? Today I will give you 5 tips to create the perfect Instagram selfie.

5 tips to create the perfect Instagram selfie


A good picture needs the best possible lighting. The best light for any picture is natural lighting. Unfortunately, this isn’t always available. If you want to take a good picture at night or indoors, you need to resort to other measures. Indoor lighting won’t create the image you want and using the flash on your camera is often a big no-no. Pictures taken with the flash on are almost always a disappointment. That is why you need a ring light clip on. This light source is made up of LEDs and can be placed around the camera on your phone. It creates natural lighting that instantly enhances the quality of your picture. It doesn’t create any unwanted shading or lines and it is very easy to use. A light ring for your iPhone or smartphone is ideal for creating the best selfies in any situation and at any time of day.

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A selfie is all about you and you do want to make sure that you don’t attract any unwanted attention to your surroundings. There are too many pictures that fail because they were taken in a messy room or were photobombed by others. Remember those terrible bathroom selfies that went viral? You don’t want that happening to you. Choose your background carefully and make sure it won’t be a distraction. Find a plain background for a simple selfie or pose in front of a beautiful wall, a flower field, or a beautiful view if you want to impress even more. If you want your pictures to stand out, don’t be afraid to use bold colors in your background.


To create the perfect selfie for Instagram, you can’t just snap a shot and be done with it. A good picture takes planning. You need to find the right light setting on your ring light clip on, create a presentable background and find the perfect angle for your selfie. Angles are everything when it comes to selfies. You want to avoid taking a picture of yourself from below. It doesn’t look good on most people and it will emphasize all the wrong things. You will get the best results by holding the camera at a 45-degree angle above you and slightly tilt it. It will create a good image and put the focus on your beautiful eyes. But don’t be afraid to mix it up now and then. Only by experimenting you will find your perfect angles and take the best possible pictures. Just make sure to always let the light, whether it is natural light or light from your ring light clip on, hit your face to highlight your natural beauty. Don’t forget to smile with your entire face and you can’t go wrong!

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Edit your selfies

You can take a beautiful picture with the right background and a light ring for your iPhone or smartphone and be done with it, but using specific apps or software to edit your pictures can take your selfie to a whole other level. You can use it to adjust the colors, cut the picture to the preferred size, hide blemishes and set the lighting. And specific settings or filters can even make your feed more cohesive. Apps like VSCO and Adobe Lightroom are very popular and most easy to use. Make sure you know the basics of editing and you will turn every selfie into a masterpiece.


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