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5 Tools you must use to boost your videos on YouTube



YouTube gets over 2 billion users every month. Indubitably, the reach and power of YouTube are tremendous. I dare say, it is the God of all social media platforms. It is also the race tracker for content creators to bloom and wither. Thus, it has become important for creators to look for ways to increase YouTube views.

You can any day buy YouTube subscribers, that is one key. However, for the overall development of your channel, you need to consider keeping in mind certain tools that help you uplift your content. We present to you five tools that you should use to boost your videos on YouTube.


TubeBuddy is the gold mine of YouTubers. The application is not only YouTube certified; it genuinely provides the users with a plethora of features. These features help creators do almost 70% of their work with impeccable professionalism. Moreover, this app is free and can be used both on one’s computer as well as a cell phone. It is a YouTube browser extension that pays attention to your video’s productivity and optimization.

TubeBuddy comes with 60+ features that help your channel run with efficiency and ease. It lets you get analytical and detect competition. Additionally, it also comes with features of comment management, tag management, thumbnail creator, and bulk updates. Although the application is freely available, creators who want to flourish more opt for the paid version too.

There are five plans available- Free, Pro, Star, Legend, and Enterprise. Depending on the kind of channel you are running, you can go through the plans and opt for your ideal plan.


An attractive thumbnail and YouTube layout go a long way to attract more audience. Users who don’t follow you might end up watching your content only because the thumbnail was catchy and alluring. Thus, making that thumbnail, creating that impression is important! That is when Canva comes into the picture. This graphic designing application is what creators rave about. It helps creators to make logos, presentations, posters, and other social media graphics.

Canva is extremely user friendly and gives you a plenitude of free designs to choose from. All you need to do to create your YouTube is to opt for a design from the Canva Library and edit in the pictures and captions. You can even create your channel art or banner cover from this application. However, the best part of using this application is they provide you most of the designs for free and without a watermark!


If you are looking to get more views and subscribers to your YouTube channel, vidIQ is here to save your day. It is another YouTube certified application that helps you monitor your growth and optimizes your YouTube content. With the help of vidIQ, you get insights about your viewers and can tailor your videos based on your audience’s like.

It also lets you determine a suitable time to post your videos so it gets the most attention and views. Most of the features on this application are free of cost. For instance, the vidIQ Chrome extension is free which offers you features like SEO scores, keyword research, ratings, video analytics, and more. VidIQ also offers you insights on engagement on other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

A paid version of the application is also available in the format of four plans- Free, Pro, Boost, and Enterprise. You can discover more professional features by trying different versions. However, unlike TubeBuddy which gives its users discounts and coupons which purchasing, vidIQ does not. But it is one app to keep in handy that will let you create pro content for your YouTube channel and organically increase your views and subscribers.

Keyword Tool

It is important to conduct keyword-effective research, so your videos reach the right kind of audience. Thus, the Keyword tool is one effective tool that helps your content visible to people who are likely to watch something from your niche. It helps you procure beneficial keywords from the YouTube Autocomplete database.

Additionally, you can also localize results to all countries YouTube supports and acquire more concentrated and relevant keywords.

Google Trends

Google Trends can become your favourite YouTube tool buddy if you are someone who is looking for more views and want to attract potential subscribers to your channel. This tool lets you know what kind of content people are looking for and what people are not looking for. It helps you make popular and trendy videos by giving you meaningful insights.

Content creation and content ideas come easier once you get hold of this application. And if you are using it correctly, you can even fall in the top-ranking charts by making videos on the latest topics.

Some of the tools mentioned above are free and some are not. However, paying up to boost your YouTube channel should not be an issue as long as you are serious about it. It is rather an investment which gives you results in a long time. It is essential that you make regular videos and do not let your channel get lost in the ocean of videos. With these five tools in hand and your determination and hard work, you are good to go!


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