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5G will be coming to India in 3 months! 10 lakh people can get jobs



5G will be coming to India in 3 months


  • 5G network can be launched in India in the next 3 months.
  • Opportunities in the Indian market are tremendous as per Jagdish Mitra.
  • 10 lakh new job opportunities will be created in the market.

It has been reported by telecom companies that the 5G network in India can be launched in a few limited locations in three months. This is because optical fiber-based infrastructure is not yet ready.

Nokia India head of marketing and corporate affairs Amit Marwah said that India would have to take a decision to launch 5G services otherwise it could miss the benefits of Next Generation’s technology.

According to the PTI report, Amit Marwah further said, “If we do not enable 5G soon, we will probably lose the great opportunity. There is no way to make money for 5G operators. We are building 5G in India. Hardware is also ready for this.

As Per TEPC Chairman:

Sandeep Aggarwal, chairman of the Telecom Export Promotion Council, has asked to use gears manufactured locally. It has also said that it should be controlled by India in view of security. He also said that optical fiber base infrastructure is only available in select areas to support 5G services. In this case, this technique can be rolled out only in a few selected areas.

The PLI scheme is the right step to make people self-reliant and generate employment. With PLI in telecom hardware, it is estimated that we will create 1 million new jobs in India.

5G will be coming to India in 3 months

Sandeep Aggarwal said that it is expensive to develop this technology in India. Whereas China has given about the US $ 200 billion to the development of new technology to its local companies.

Jagdish Mitra, a member of the Nasscom Executive Council and chief strategy officer of Tech Mahindra, said the Covid-19 pandemic has woken all countries from sleep. Every country has to ensure or have the right to know how to bring flexibility in business or what is right for them.

Jagdish Mitra said, “5G will be coming to India in 3 months. The opportunities in the Indian market are tremendous”.  It inspires people to come to India and take advantage of the talent.

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