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6 Best Snapchat Story Games: Questions & Challenges



Do you use Snapchat but feels boredom? Love to Play Truth and Dare? To lower down your boredom and to bring more fun, today I am here with some interesting and best Snapchat Story games. Snapchat story works like Whatsapp story/status. It is visible to your friends for 24 hours and then disappears. Rather than sending questions and challenges games personally to your friend’s list, it is better to put it into your story. Scroll down to Know more!

Snapchat is a multimedia messaging app with some exceptional exciting features. one of the most prominent features is that the messages are usually only available for a short time before they become unavailable to their recipients. Snapchat has a camera that is used to take beautiful pictures. You can add friends to Snapchat from your friend’s list and have fun with them. Spice up the things and lighter your relation with below shared best Snapchat Story games.

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Best Snapchat Story Games: Questions & Challenges

Sharing all the games you can use, but use them according to the level of your relationship with the other person. Some people may not like to answer or reply to you, in such cases assure them that you would also reply for the same to make the game more interesting.

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1) Guessing game

It is one of the most interesting games and can be played with anyone. In this emojis represent a meaning like a movie name, song name, hero name, heroine name and the other person have to guess them. This is a very general game and everyone likes it too.  One of the best examples is shown below in the image.

So, you have to put only the emoji list and your friends have to guess the name of the respective thing.

2) Brain games

Brain games are another enjoyable way to spend time with your friends. In this, you can put a puzzle or logical reasoning picture and ask your friends the final answer. It is one of the best Snapchat Story games.

You can play this game with any age group of people doesn’t matter he/she is your parent, relatives, friends, girlfriend or boyfriend. Such kind of games can enhance your skills.

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Moreover, in this, you can play jumbled words or rearrange the phrase with your friends and family.

3) How much you know me?

This is also a good game to spend time on but play this game with your near ones. Because if you ask this from some random people, they might not know you and thus you may feel disappointed.

In this game you may ask questions like:

  • My DOB:
  • Hobbies:
  • Education:
  • Favorite color:
  • movie:
  • Favorite song:
          • And any other question you want to add…

This game can give you your real gems and true friends that know a lot about you.

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4) Who I Am for you?

This is like a game only but the description is different. In this game, you can set a frame of questions like:

  • Who I am for you?
  • One Word that describes me?
  • How did we meet for the first time?
  • My name of your phone?
  • First Impression?
  • Current Impression?
  • Do you trust me?
  • What you dislike about me?

The other person does not tell you about your basic things in this but they will tell you how much they remember about you based on their experience. You can have an idea by reading the above set of questions.

best snapchat story games

The above-shared games can be played with anyone.

5) How much do you love me?

If you want to go deeper into love then this game is for you. This is a game you can play with your friends and know how they think about you. To make the game more interesting ask your friends to represent their answer with an emoji.

  • Do you love me? :
  • Do you hate me? :
  • Like you much:
  • You are sexy, love you:
  • Can we Hug? :

And more………

6) I will tell you about you

Asks your friends to choose a birthday month or color or an emoji, and you will tell them about them. It is another one of the best Snapchat Story games.

Frame things before sending them. Like you have send birthday month to your friends and reveal real things about them to have more fun.

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Final Verdict

Hey friends, How do you like the article? I know you will love it 😉 So, these are the Best Snapchat Story Games you can play all together.

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Share your feedback. Mention in comments more game if you know, we would love to update!

Post story today and have fun with your friends and family.

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