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6 Ways to Make Money on a Small Twitch Stream



It doesn’t matter if you’re new to streaming on Twitch or you’ve been at it for a few months, you’re probably getting a little antsy about making money. Don’t let anybody tell you that you’re too early in the game to be monetizing your live stream because that’s never the case. There are always things that you can be doing to make money off your video game live stream from the very beginning. If you’re not sure how to go about doing that, we have six ways that you can make money off your live stream even if you have a small audience.

How to Make money on Twitch: 6 proven ways

Join Affiliate Marketing Programs

If you’ve ever watched a YouTube video where someone is comparing products or doing a product review, there’s a good chance they’re involved with affiliate marketing with that product. Affiliate marketing works by users like you driving traffic to a business’ website via a traceable link or utilizing a discount code to buy their product. With every purchase made from your link or using your code, you’ll get a commission. This is why YouTubers will often do product reviews because they want you to click the link posted in the description of the video and buy the product so they get a commission.

Most affiliate programs are simple to join and don’t require a certain amount of daily traffic to a website to join. Although, be wary of programs like Amazon that require a minimum number of sales each month as they can cut you off. Generally, there’s not an established amount of sales you need to make to remain in the program so there’s no risk associated. Additionally, it’s important that you choose brands that fall in line with your image as your audience won’t shop for the products you’re selling if it’s not something you would personally endorse.

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Sell T-shirts and Other Items

You don’t have to have a large following to make good amounts of money on your Twitch stream. Instead, you simply need to create a loyal band of followers who will buy something you want to sell. Make t-shirts with fun sayings or inside jokes from your stream on them. For example, if you have a catchphrase that’s become something you’re known for while playing, come up with a fun design and put it on a t-shirt. If your audience likes it, they’ll buy it. You can also sell shirts, hats, mugs, and even pillows with your logo on them. Merchandising is also a great way for your fans to spread the word about your stream.

Get Sponsors

It can be difficult for many small streamers, but it’s possible to get small sponsorships from companies to help with a special event, a single stream, or even buy a power-up pack in a game. Video game YouTuber The Rad Brad will often get sponsorships from companies that will buy a specific in-game item for use on his videos. You can do the same as you reach out to companies that fit your brand as well as the demographics of the audience that you’ve established. Several small sponsorships can add up to a pretty solid payday.

Offer Exclusive Content

As a video game streamer, you have plenty of opportunities to provide your audience with exclusive content. Whether you’re providing tutorials, extra walkthroughs, or online gaming sessions with your audience. You can essentially create a VIP group within your audience that has access to these special events as well as providing direct feedback to the kind of content that they want to see. As your audience grows, you’ll be more likely to grant exclusive access to certain aspects of the content that you create.

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Ask for Donations

Even if you’re not offering exclusive content, you can still ask for donations to help your stream. Let your audience know that bringing in money makes it easier for you to continue creating content and will make it easier going forward because you can buy better equipment, more video games, and focus more of your time on putting together streaming events. Services like Patreon help make it easier to manage paid subscriptions from your audience.

Join the Twitch Partners Program

Streamers who qualify can apply to be a part of the Twitch Partner Program. This is similar to going YouTube’s monetization program and will pay streamers based on the number of views they get. Payment comes from advertisement revenue and subscriber fees directly from the Twitch platform. However, it has specific requirements that users must meet to be approved for participation. All content must conform to Twitch’s Community Guidelines, Terms of Service, and DMCA Guidelines. Those who don’t, either won’t receive approval or will be removed.

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