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7 Advantages Of Online Faxing For Businesses



An upgrade to the conventional faxing process is an online fax service. If you’re planning on steadily improving your business operations, incorporating an online fax service is worth considering.

Throughout the years, faxing has been a convenient way to send physical documents quickly. Sadly, the process became costly and slow as better options became available. Additionally, the paper volume from faxing can be a challenge to store and manage.

With the availability of online faxing services, it can mitigate the challenges of a physical fax machine. Your business will greatly benefit from the convenience and portability of email, while retaining the core functions of faxing.

If you’re considering an upgrade to your business operations, consider getting an online faxing service soon. Here are several advantages of online faxing for businesses that’ll convince you to make the switch:

Advantages of online faxing for businesses

Simple To Use

Online fax service is easy to use. If you no longer want to invest in a fax machine for your business operations, online fax service is worth considering.

You can save and easily convert documents into various file formats of your choice. If you’re wondering how to fax from a phone, the process is relatively simple. Using your mobile device or desktop computer to access the online fax service, you can attach a document you want to fax and send to the recipient.

Better Security

Online faxing can provide better security when managing the data of your business. In conventional faxing, documents containing sensitive data are often left out in the open on the fax machine, potentially putting your data at risk if it falls into the wrong hands.

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Some businesses still prefer the conventional faxing method due to the high vulnerability of email attachments to hacking. Generally, it’s a valid point since hackers usually target weak points connected to email and network security.

However, reliable online fax services can offer better security from hacking attempts. All the data you’ll be sending will undergo encryption during transmission. Once it reaches the recipient, it’s only accessible from a personal account.

It’s best to work with a reliable online fax service provider since it offers protection with secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption and email confirmation, along with highly secure communication channels. You’ll have peace of mind, knowing all your documents are protected during transmission and stored in cloud-accessible storage.


One of the benefits of an online faxing service is cutting down on your operational costs. You’re only paying for what you’ll use without extra charges. Most online fax services offer monthly subscription plans that allow you to send a specific number of pages every month.

Depending on the current needs of your business, you can select a suitable plan. If you don’t send a large number of faxes every month, you can go for a plan that allows you to send a fewer number of pages. Additionally, you might want to go for a service that charges per page, especially if your business has varying frequencies on the faxes sent every month.

Since it involves cloud storage services, your business is no longer producing paper wastes. You won’t have maintenance costs of a physical fax machine to think about since all processes are online.

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In a convention fax setting, you need to invest in a high-capacity fax machine. Additional expenses typically include hiring a third-party vendor to handle the service calls and maintenance, along with a dedicated phone line for every fax machine. You’ll also factor in extra costs for paper and electricity.

Virtual or online faxing can significantly eliminate all the costs of having a physical fax machine. If you’re going to send out documents, you can readily use your mobile device or computer to work on the task efficiently.

Convenience And Portability

An online fax service allows convenient management of your faxes on the cloud. Generally, you’ll enjoy access any time an in any location, as long as you have an Internet connection.

With online faxing, you can readily use the service from anywhere. The convenience it provides is a significant advantage for companies with a remote workforce.

If a company has an external sales team, online faxing allows sending signed documents from a mobile device. The service helps lessen your employees’ time and effort on going back and forth to the office to work on the necessary documents.

Safe For The Environment

Fax machines utilize a substantial amount of paper every year, which can negatively impact the environment. The dire need for paper goods is one of the contributing factors to deforestation, which adds to greenhouse gas emissions.

Aside from the detrimental impact of deforestation on the environment, using a fax machine consumes large amounts of electricity. The machines utilize electricity to send and receive faxes. Generally, fax machines are always on to receive incoming faxes that might arrive outside the regular working hours.

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Once your business switches to online faxing, you’re doing your part in saving the environment by cutting down on your paper needs while eliminating energy consumption, resulting in lower utility bills.

Better Document Organization

If your business is receiving a minimum of ten or more faxes in a day, it’ll reach a large amount in a month. The number of documents can be challenging to organize.

Using an online fax service with cloud storage can conveniently store all received and sent faxes in a single location. Additionally, you can readily access your files in any location and anytime you want, without going through stacks of paper.

Convenient Signing Of Documents

When your business operations involve sending data from one employee to another, and signing crucial documents, an online fax service will surely come in handy.

Most services have an electronic signature feature, allowing you to quickly sign faxes on your mobile phone or computer, and, then, fax it back.

Final Thoughts

The advancements in technology have made communication in the workplace more efficient. One of the notable upgrades to the faxing process is the availability of online fax services. With remote work and home offices gaining popularity due to the pandemic, the service makes sending documents to employees and clients more convenient. With the advantages your business will gain by switching to online fax services, it’ll ensure seamless and efficient operations, along with better productivity, in the long run.


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