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7 SEO Basics Every Startup Needs to Know



SEO Basics

If you are starting up your own business, you are going to need a website. With a new website will come the need to optimize your content. 

Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is a process whereby you optimize your website to perform better in the search engine results pages. With a click-through rate of 28.5% on the top search result, you need to be aiming to be number one. 

But what are the SEO principles that you should be aware of, and how can you utilize SEO for startups?

In this article, we’ll cover all of the SEO basics that every startup needs to know. 

  1. Page Loading Speeds Are Important 

When a user does a search using a search engine, they want their responses quickly. For this reason, search engines work hard to provide their results promptly.

Not only that, but once a user has the results they were looking for, the need for speed doesn’t stop there. 

Users want to be able to access your website immediately. If your site doesn’t load within a few seconds, you run the risk of losing out to your competitors. The likes of Google understand this.

For this reason, one of the important ranking factors is how quickly your website loads up. 

To improve the speed of your site, use lazy load images. This is where images on the site only load up when they are visible instead of loading everything on the entire page. 

You can also optimize your page load speeds by compressing all of the images on your site.

Use Google’s Page Speed Insights tool to help you to find out what might be slowing down your website and make any suggested changes. 

  1. Optimize Your Keywords 

One of the biggest areas that many startups focus on is keyword optimization when it comes to search engine optimization

This is the process of including certain keywords in your content that are commonly searched for phrases. By including these in your content, you will increase your chances of ranking for searches related to that keyword. 

Make sure that you don’t overdo it, though! Using your keywords too often will make the content hard to read and will be a turn-off for anyone reading your site. Are you looking SEO services offered in san Diego ? 

Search engines are wise to the practice of keyword-stuffing and can also penalize you in the rankings for it. 

  1. Optimize Your Site For Mobile Devices 

Given the prevalence of mobile devices such as smartphones, one of the most important SEO strategies is to make sure that your website is optimized for mobile. 

This means ensuring that content is clearly laid out in a way that makes it easy to read from a smartphone screen. 

Think about the way that images are displayed and make sure that they fit the size of the screen. You should also enable Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) markup.

  1. Use Backlinks to Build Domain Authority 

When the likes of Google, Bing, and Yahoo recommend a website by putting it higher in the search engine rankings, they are saying that the site in question is the best authority on a certain subject. 

Since authority is an important factor, it is worth investing your time and effort in building up your site’s authority. 

One way you can build your authority is by getting other authoritative sites to link to you. This is like a seal of approval. 

You can get other sites to link to you by posting guest posts and by providing content that is a resource that reporters and bloggers will want to link to. 

  1. Local SEO Puts You Above First Place

Local SEO is a practice that can put you above the number one spot on a search engine. When you search for businesses on Google, you are often shown a map with a selection of results. This is called the ‘local pack.’ 

Inclusion in the local pack will leapfrog you to the top spot. It is essential that if you run a business with a physical address that customers can find you at, you sign up for a Google My Business account. 

In addition to using Google My Business to get featured in the local pack, you can also push your business by getting your website listed on local business listing sites such as Yelp! and Trip Advisor. 

  1. Write Valuable Content 

When it comes to the SEO basics, it doesn’t get more significant than writing valuable content. If you can write content that is a useful resource for anyone searching on that topic, then you will be sure to win the battle. 

The length of the content that you write is relevant. Try to stick to longer-form content that is at least 1,000 words. The longer and more in-depth the content is, the more likely it is to rank. 

  1. Use Internal Links 

It is important to include internal links on your site; these help users navigate their way around your site and find other relevant and useful content. 

Internal links are also useful for helping the bots crawl your website. To help decide where your site should sit in the rankings, your site is crawled by bots. Using internal links helps the search engine see the link between different pages. 

You should always ensure that you include at least one internal link on every page of your site. 

Putting the SEO Basics Into Action 

All of these simple SEO basics need to be put into action on your site from day one. They are not one-time fixes; they are rules that you will need to follow as you continue to add content to your site. 

By following these simple SEO strategies, you will be able to improve the rankings of your website. 

For more useful articles, be sure and check out the rest of the site. 

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