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7 Ways Your Slow Mobile Internet Can Hurt You



Wondering if slow mobile internet makes that much difference? Here are some of the ways it is working against you.

When you chose a new mobile device, you want to make sure it has both plenty of GB for internet data use every month, and enough power to meet the requirements. If you game or even browse the internet on your phone, not having enough speed can seriously impede your progress.

Here are 7 ways that a slow mobile internet speed is hurting you, some of which you don’t even know about.

The 7 Ways Slow Mobile Internet Hurts the User

Slow mobile internet speeds are no joke. They may be caused by a lack of mobile phone signal in your home or office. They may also be caused by a poor quality mobile device that deserves an upgrade. Here are the 7 ways that the slow speeds are hurting internet users, whether they realise it or not.

1 – Poor Gambling Experience

If your mobile internet connection is slow, it means you can’t keep up with your online gaming. Of course, one of our favourites is the online casino. These are literally designed to match your mobile phone speeds, so if your phone can’t keep up, it really does spell trouble. Even the best mobile casinos to play at need good internet speeds.

2 – Bad Online Gaming

Just as the casino won’t be able to keep up, low framerates per second thanks to poor internet speed means any game you play will end in disaster. You try WOW PVP while you are lagging and your enemies are operating at full speed. You just die.

3 – Online Shopping

There is nothing worse than trying to buy something from your favourite brand and running out of internet or crashing your browser. The more corporations rely on video advertising for their sites, the worse this problem will get. Expect poor mobile speeds to seriously impact your online shopping fun.

4 – No Social Video Chats

A slow internet connection on your mobile phone will impact your ability to enjoy high data apps like TikTok or YouTube. If you want to be a social butterfly, buy a better phone or upgrade your internet. All video will operate slower on a mobile with low or poor internet.

5 – No Social Updates

Poor mobile speeds can be devastating for your social life. Not only will they stop you enjoying things filmed in video sequences, but they will also stop you receiving real time updates from your friend group. You might be late to the group chat, or not hear about the dress code you all decided upon until you’ve already left the house.

6 – No Streaming

There’s just no way you could use a platform like Netflix for mobile with a slow internet connection. This, and many other popular streaming services, operate on the premise of a strong internet connection. If you can’t keep up with the stream, it will buffer every few seconds. You could leave it all to load at once and then watch, but your screen freezing or locking in between will mean you need to keep opening the app to make it work.

7 – Bidding Wars

Imagine… you are desperate for the collector’s item of a lifetime. It has just come up on eBay or Amazon but it is in auction. It’s down to the last three minutes and you are winning. Another bidder slides in inside the last minute and your phone’s mobile connection is too slow for you to notice. You miss out.

Is it time to upgrade your phone/internet connection yet? We think it might be.


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