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9 Must-Dos Before You Build A WordPress Site




It will take time to get a grip on something completely new. It requires practice and patience in addition to a lot of planning. There are several newbies starting a new WordPress website every week and it is normal to feel lost, clueless and daunted at times. But it should not pull you down. Before you set to build a website with WordPress, here are some things you need to do.

Things you need to do before building a WordPress site

  1. Define the aim of the website

It is important to define the purpose of the website before you start to work on it. Is the aim of your site to inform people about the business or to encourage them to get in touch with you? Do you want to sell products online or want to build a portfolio to showcase your work? Answering these questions will ensure you work on the right type of website theme. You must have a clear focus when building a website.

2. Research all you can

Depending on the industry you operate in, take a look at the other websites in the field and get ideas from them. You must identify the ideas you like and the style you want. Make notes about the design or the layout and then choose what works best for you.

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3. Understand the target market

You should be clear at an early stage about the market you are trying to target. It will have an impact on the design, theme, networking efforts, usability, content, and more. Your target market will decide how the website is built and works and everything will revolve around it.

4. Pick a domain name

You should pick a domain name that is easy to remember, short, and shows the nature of your business. Consider domain name providers like and look for a name that works for you. It is not easy to change it at a later date so now is the time to pick the right one. Try to stick with a name that ends with .com as compared to any other.

5. Pick a design and layout

Once you have done the research, you will have an understanding of the design style you want to pick. Try to build a mood board with the screen grabs of the sites you like and then choose a layout to see how the ideas merge on a page. You can try different themes and layouts before you finalize one.

6. Plan the page and build content

The information you want to tell your visitors should be properly laid out on the website. You need to identify what will get them excited about your page and keep them on the site. Decide the number of pages you will need and how you can create content effectively. Do not rush at this stage and keep the copy relevant to hold the attention of the visitors’.

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7. Learn SEO

An ideal way to attract people to your website is through search engine optimization. It includes using keywords in the content and search terms that the audience will type on Google. This requires a lot of research and needs to be well planned. You will also have to provide the search engines with an explanation of what the visitors will see when they get to the website. Research keywords using different tools and include them in the content.

8. Have a logo

All businesses should have a logo to ensure that the brand is recognizable and unique. Your customers will identify with the business based on the logo you use. If you like it simple and are only going to use the logo on the website, you can create one yourself using the software available online. If you want a professionally designed logo, you need to contact a professional designer for it. The logo should be relatable to your business and should not be very complicated. Most importantly, any other business should not have a similar logo. Be innovative and unique when it comes to choosing a business logo.

9. Set a deadline

If you do not manage the time properly, building a WordPress website can take years. You must set yourself daily and weekly targets for achieving certain tasks on the site. It will ensure you do not get bogged down when doing it all at once. Be realistic when you set a deadline so that you can stick to it. If you need professional help, you can speak to the experts who will be happy to assist you.

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Final words

Building a WordPress site is not as difficult as it seems. When you take one step at a time, you can create a website that is ideal for your business. Remember to research and focus on the layout and theme before you start working on the content.


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