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A Closer Look of the Technology behind Online Casino Industry



Technological advancements have been a critical driver of the online gambling industry. To concentrate on serving their punters, the online casinos usually outsource game development to third party companies. When you visit JackpotCity Casino, one of the top online casino platforms globally, you’ll come across many games developed by top tier game developers. In short, there’s a lot of tech stuff going on behind the scenes to ensure that punters have a great time on the online platforms. This post will let you in on the technology behind the online casino industry.

Online Casino Software

Every online casino runs on software that has been expertly designed to offer its services. There are three main kinds of online casino software, including:

  • Download software – you must download and install it on your PC, laptop, or phone to access the games.
  • No download software or Flash software – this kind does not require players to download it. Players only need an internet connection to play the games instantly online. You can use the device of your choice.
  • Mobile casino software – this comes in the form of mobile apps. You’ll have to install the apps on your smartphone to access the games.

Good online casino software uses the Random Number Generator (RNG) and is regulated by international gaming commissions. This helps to ensure fairness in the casino games. When you play on a casino with such software, you have higher chances of winning.

Online Payment Options

Punters can access different payment methods on online casinos. The payment options have different rates, and the player selects one that suits them. The most popular payment method is PayPal. Many gamers prefer it because it is easy to use and uses enhanced security protocols.

Users also use other eWallets such as Neteller and Skrill. These electronic methods are preferable because of faster transaction time and enhanced security. Apart from the eWallets, online casinos also accept Credit Cards and direct bank transfers. Reputable online casinos accept payment methods that have data encryption protocols or SSL.

Predictive Analysis

Have you ever wondered how your favorite online casino seems to understand your gaming needs? Well, the answer lies with predictive analysis technology. Online casinos use this technology to learn your preferences. The casino can tailor the games or tweak its platform according to your gaming history and preferences through data modeling. This process leads to an unmatched gaming experience.

Online Security

The biggest worry of every internet user is their security. This has been something that has given online casino operators sleepless nights. However, technological advancements have led to improved online security. For instance, online casinos use firewalls and secure connections to ensure their clients’ data is safe.

The online casinos have also changed their approach to securing their customers. The operators have invested in user education. They monitor their platforms for security flaws and educate their users on how to stay safe. Hence, instead of being reactive, they have taken a more proactive approach to stay ahead of malicious users and programs.

Mobile Casino

The casino industry has benefited from technological advancements in the smartphone industry. Smartphones have become more robust, allowing casino operators to develop more sophisticated mobile casino apps. As a result, they can offer their clients the best services possible.


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