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A meditation app: a startup that could be very promising



Many people try to learn meditation from instructional videos and books. And they fail. And if there is no opportunity to learn it at a session with a therapist, various mobile apps come to the rescue: just choose what you like best and allocate 10-15 minutes a day for practice, which everyone can find. Today we will talk about how to make a meditation app.

The idea for the app

To fully understand the user, you have to be a user. You have to make a meditation app from scratch. Look for ideas and try out different concepts. Research the market first. How to make a meditation app? Find out your competitors’ key metrics to understand the capacity of the market. Conduct personal interviews and surveys to better understand your audience and their needs. Research will help determine the value of the product and fumble for positioning.

A clear plan

Before you make a meditation app, clearly plan your work and deadlines. It helps to avoid unnecessary activities, avoid unforeseen expenses, and get to the finish line on time. So schedule your finances in advance and make a weekly plan.


Based on your research, work through audience portraits and user scenarios, and then make a feature list and screen map, draft to pass on to design and development. This step will help prioritize, discard unnecessary features, and successfully make a meditation app.

Interface design

Design is not only beautiful pictures and animations. The product should solve the user’s problem and not overload it with information. Before to make a meditation app, pay a lot of attention to usability and simplicity. You can create a general design in one of the many applications, and then pass it on to the developer, providing detailed terms of reference.

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If you are not engaged in mobile development, it is important to find a contractor who knows how to set up and control the tasks. The best option is to outsource the code and server side. It will turn out to be fast, cool, and professional.

Content production

The key to the future of your app is meditation. We decided to make a meditation app? Before understanding that every little thing is important: sound quality, guide voice, background music, simple words, effective techniques. It’s as important to spend as much time on content as on design and development. Involve experts and control everything – from the text of the lessons to the sound processing.

Meditation practices are common. The best known are concentrating on the breath and scanning the body. But you can’t just record a course of seven meditations and stop. People want something new every week.

Keep generating content for the app. Look for meditation text editors. These aren’t just simple copywriters who make search engine optimization materials, but people with meditation experience. Work with them to create courses to be narrated later.

There is also a new trend of content – authoring courses. Usually these are people who teach meditation, conduct seminars, retreats, and marathons. Experts help to look at meditation from a new perspective. And it’s also easier to scale the content.

The app should have one-time meditations, breathing practices, and courses of several practices. Users need new content all the time. Keep this in mind when you make a meditation app. You can’t just record a course of seven meditations and stop. People want something new every week.

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Promotion and analytics

Don’t think that making a meditation app and investing in marketing is enough. To keep everything under control, set up analytics by channel and event.

Product development

Always keep releasing technical updates and new content. Watch closely for feedback, enjoy interesting content, and collaborate with meditation gurus to make a great app for your users.

Useful tips on how to make a meditation app

We advise you to get away from all esoteric practices and make a meditation app that will be totally secular, where you don’t need to open your chakras and sit in the lotus pose. But immerse yourself in the topic to explore meditations from different angles. Go to a retreat with a meditation teacher.

Your main audience is users who work a lot at the computer and live in big cities with constant traffic and burning deadlines. They are also pragmatic people who want to work and keep their brains in order. But at the same time, the audience is not at all accepting of the philosopher quotes that some post on social media.

The word “meditation” may sound stereotypical to people today-many people immediately imagine a strange old man with a dot in his forehead. Right now, the market for secular meditation is just emerging. We see that there is a demand for it. Various applications are already coming on the market today. But everyone will find their own niche.

About monetization

You can first make an app with in-built purchases. So that some of the content can be listened to for free, but you have to pay for individual courses, or for individual meditations. It’s better to ask for money modestly at first. Some users don’t even realize that the app is partially paid.

After some time after the start, start a subscription. You should know right away that you’re coming to it. But first, see if your users can pay for meditation. At first, the monthly income may not be much at all. There’s another reason you shouldn’t subscribe right away – the small amount of content that wouldn’t even be enough for a month. And during the life of the project a lot of it will accumulate.

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After the introduction of subscriptions, income will multiply. By that time there will be a loyal audience. At the same time, there should be several tariffs.

Look for an investor

Investors greatly affect the work of the project. In addition to the money he gives knowledge. An investor can give good business expertise, development, and, of course, money. Try to actively invest them in marketing. In today’s world, on top is always the one who competently builds marketing. And often the ability to take the money at the right time is more important than a good product.

Try new markets to make more money. Implement authorization and personal profiles. Young artists start by copying famous professionals – drawing their paintings and honing their technique. But over time, a good artist should develop his own style, and he begins to create something new. Sooner or later this stage is waiting for you, if you work on your own project. You need your own special way.

If you can release an app with your own vision on meditation, you will enter the world market in the long run. Everything is in your hands.

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