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Addison Rae appears to cry after being grilled about Bryce Hall cheating rumors



Addison Rae and Bryce Hall, the celebrity power couple are going through a tough time. There are several rumors over the internet about their relationship and the whole speculation started when they get spotted on separate tables in the same cafe.

After that incident rumors are targeting Bryce Hall for cheating on her girlfriend and the star is continuously denying all the false claims.

Recently he tweeted on Twitter to clarify that he didn’t cheat her TikTok mate:

Regardless of his explanation, the web appears to be unconvinced as they dread that the couple may give up very soon.

At the point when gotten some information about the charges against Bryce Hall, Addison Rae would not remark on the circumstance. She seemed to smother back tears subsequent to being egged on by the paparazzi:

“Hey Addison, how’s it going?” asked the paparazzi. “Are the rumors true that Bryce cheated [on you] with some girl?”

“I don’t think I want to talk about anything to do with, umm…” she replied.

However, the paparazzi cut her off and pressed the issue.

“What? To do with Bryce? Do you know this girl? Like, do you talk to her at all? Do you know who she is? Is there still hope for Braddison, or is Braddisson done? Is Dixison better than Braddison, do you think?”

Addison chooses not to respond and the TikTok star bowed her head down and placed her palm over her face. She was wiping her tears but the paparazzi continuously upsetting her.

“Do you think there’s hope for TikTok?” they asked.

“Will TikTok ever be the same if there’s no Braddison?” Eventually, she made it into her car. But it looked like she broke down in tears before taking off.

Not long after, the paparazzi turned their attention to Bryce Hall. “Did you cheat on Addison?” they asked. ‘Are the cheating rumors true? Any comments on the situation?”

“Can you please just stop bothering me?” said Bryce.

“Addison was crying today,” said the paparazzi. “She seemed upset by it.”

“You bothered her,” said Bryce, as he hopped into a van and drove off. He thinks them pressing the matter is what triggered her, and maybe he’s right.

Either way, Addison’s fans are ticked off about the incident.

They flooded the video with comments supporting her and told the paparazzi to lay off the questions, especially since she clearly said she didn’t want to answer.

Neither Addison nor Bryce has commented further on the situation. Until then, we’ll have to wait and see how it plays out.


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