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Adobe launches new features for Photoshop on desktop, iPad!!




  • Adobe releases custom brushes in Photoshop on iPad and new presets in Adobe Camera Raw.
  • Uses can now connect iPad to any external monitor or TV display with HDMI or USB-C.
  • The new Discover panel in Photoshop provides an easy way to find content.

Adobe today announced several new updates for its Photoshop apps available for the Mac and the iPad. Photoshop for ‌iPad‌ is gaining Healing Brush and Magic Wand features, bringing it in line with Photoshop for the desktop. This highly requested Photoshop feature is useful to quickly extract objects from a flat background, select an irregularly shaped area, or select a distinctly colored element.

Photoshop for ‌iPad‌ is gaining Canvas Projection, which will allow Photoshop users to share their canvas or collaborate live on a larger screen. The new Discover panel in Photoshop provides an easy way to find content that is relevant to what you’re doing, right inside the app.

Photoshop on iPad, desktop: Latest Features

1. Custom brushes

Now you can use all the same brushes you love in Photoshop desktop with your Apple Pencil and Photoshop on iPad. You can find and download hundreds of brushes under the [+] icon in the brush panel. You can also go directly to from your iPad browser by download any of the ABR files, load them into your brush panel within the app.

2. Small improvements with big impact

You can now draw lines using vectors or pixels. In the past, it was just vectors.

Transform warp guidelines, sometimes also called grid lines, have also been improved. This is really important for package designers. Now you can choose if grid lines are on or off by default. The grid size and line density are customizable. The color and opacity of the lines can also be customized so they are easier to see depending on the color of the image you are working with.

3. Create your own original brushes

Create your own brushes using the Adobe Capture app. Use Adobe Capture to create any brush file using your camera — make your own strokes on paper or take any photo or object and turn them into a custom brush. You can then save your brush or send it directly to Photoshop on iPad.

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