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Adobe Unveils Powerful New Collaboration and AI Capabilities in Photoshop



Adobe Photoshop

One of the popular Photo Editing Software- Adobe Photoshop arrives with many new features. According to the firm, these new features will make Photoshop smarter, more collaborative, and easier to use across various platforms.

Share for Review Feature

On Tuesday, at Adobe Max Conference, it unveils many new features. This conference unveils a new Share for Review feature. This feature allows users to collaborate on projects without leaving Photoshop. In addition, the desktop app has received new tools powered by Adobe Sensei AI for selection improvements and more, as per the company

This new feature eliminates the need to download a PSD to share with stakeholders via email, enabling collaborators or clients to review and comment on the project directly within their web browser. The new Share for Review feature is currently under beta testing. This features syncs comments across all devices and enables creators to manage feedback directly within the Photoshop app.

The updated selection tool

The Selection tool has been upgraded using Adobe Sensei AI technology. It now allows users to hover over, detect, and make detailed selections of complex objects with a single click. It will be going to offer an improvement in quality and accuracy in the selection of elements such as hair, skies, foregrounds, and more.

One Click Delete and Fill

As the name suggests, this new tool will let users remove objects from images and fill the removed are using content-aware fill in a single action. Now, iPad users will be able to use the AI-powered Content-Aware Fill and Remove Background tools. These features will also be rolled out for Photoshop on the Web (beta) along with other industry-leading selection tools, the company said.

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Neural Filter

A new Neural Filter is also being introduced that will utilize machine learning to make complex edits in seconds. The Photo Restoration Neural Filter can take old and damaged photographs and restore them, automatically detecting and correcting scratches and other imperfections.

Content Credential Feature

A new Content Credential Feature allows creators to attach attribution metadata to their image when exporting a file. This will help designers to get credit for their work even without a physical watermark. Metadata is only an export file when the user creates a JPG or PNG.

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