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Airline entertainment or when do we get a casino airplane?



Technical progress is going on. We have 3G, 4G, and even 5G. It is possible to use Wi-Fi too to play gambling places anywhere. People can try to win at home, in an office, on a bus, in a boat, or somewhere else. Moreover, some planes also propose Wi-Fi. It means that passengers can play casino games while using their mobile phones or notebooks. Unfortunately, there are some difficulties because everything depends on the airline in-flight entertainment and price for Wi-Fi. There is a chance of losing the connection too what will make a winning gambling session stop before finishing the game.

Airplane Casino as in-flight entertainment

It’s interesting that gambling games during the flight is not a new idea. For example, Singapore Airlines proposed passengers to play in 1980s. The company installed several slots in its long haul flights to San Francisco. So, people could play in the sky.

It was necessary to stop playing in this way. The cost of transporting of heavy slots is high. In this case, the company solved to make it easier to decrease expenses. As a result, slots broke down faster. Passengers could use it just several hours after takeoff.

Swiss Air was the second company in the world with gambling games in their planes. In this case, online games were used. The company also stopped the service as a result of the crash in 1998. According to the official report, the plane crashed due to an overload of onboard systems. It wasn’t constructed with online slots and the program was a reason of fatal error.

There were several tries to propose gambling games to planes passengers. Many companies wanted to use the service in Airbus A-380. Nobody could achieve the goal yet.

Gadgets are more and more powerful and they can solve many tasks at the same time. That’s why online slots could be available for passengers in the sky at the near future.

Casino airline

Many Nations are against gambling games. Just two airports in the USA can propose slots their passengers. As for the international airports, they can’t have slots. That is true for the rest part of the USA and other Nations.

There are several States with legalized gambling games. Here is a question to airline companies why do they avoid slots. For instance, casino is legal in the UK, that’s why people can play free video slot machines easily.

It is easy to answer the question. International rules are very difficult in aviation. It is forbidden to break the rules because it can turn into the airplane crash. Moreover, airline companies don’t like to risk without extra necessity. If something is new, it is necessary to spend a lot of time and money to test it. As a result, the test can lead to wasting money and losing the market share.

Airline business is very difficult. All companies have to struggle with bankruptcy. Every service is expensive because special people and special techniques are used. If the legal issues are simplified, companies could propose new services like online casino.

Legal Complications To Sky Gambling

There are many nuances in the air law. It is difficult to understand which law should be used in the current situation because it is necessary to keep into account the following:

  • where is the plane flights at he current time;
  • what is the native Nation of the plane;
  • what is the rout.

If we are talking about the flight security, we should use the plane location. For instance, if a plane was hijacked in the US, it is necessary to use the US law. But there are some nuances in gambling sphere. It is something like using alcohol drinks in the sky. Gambling and alcohol have several similarities because all of them have some restrictions. Moreover, they can be a reason of a disease. These restrictions are the same in most Nations and cultures. So, airline companies propose alcohol drinks as an extreme measure and it is available just in some flights.

Most Muslim Nations don’t let drink alcohol, that’s why there are 2 ways to solve the problem if a plane goes to the Nations:

  • don’t propose alcohol at all;
  • stop giving it when a plane is over the Muslim Nation.

As for gambling sphere, more Nations don’t allow play slots and other games. So, if a plane crosses several States where gambling games are allowed and abandoned, it is necessary to stop and launch games several times. That is rather difficult, that’s why airline companies don’t focus on the gambling development in the sky.

When You Above Regulated States

Airlines won’t propose gambling in the air at the near future if the international law won’t be changed. There are many restriction in the Nations with legal gambling sphere. The sphere lets to get a lot of money for the economy and its part is significant. But it doesn’t mean that it is easy to play online over the States. Online casinos try to lobby new rules in the National level but it is difficult to get significant concessions in the international level.

A real trouble are children. They can’t play gambling games at any place. Moreover, they shouldn’t be affected by the games. It is difficult to realize if the neighbor plays online. Kids will see the game in the monitor but it is forbidden.

There is a feature to get access to the games via mobile phone. If 5G technologies could make the connection stable, passengers will play easily. Sure, this feature won’t be cheap in the beginning and flights with the service would be more popular. So, the company that could offer it will earn more money.


Modern technologies make our life easier. New features become available. So, air gambling can be available asap. But airline companies don’t hurry to offer the service because they have many expenses. Juridical sphere is rather difficult and there are many nuances. If a company breaks the law, it would be necessary to waste a lot of money. As a result, passengers couldn’t play online soon. Perhaps, technologies, gambling lobby and the desire to increase the company’s revenue will solve the problem. We believe it will be at once.


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