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Amazing Technologies Emerging in The Online Gambling World



The online gambling industry has always welcomed emerging technologies and was usually among the first to adopt and implement them. Considering that the entire industry is based on a technology that didn’t exist 30 years ago, it is easy to understand this obsession with emerging tech. In the world of online gambling, companies either quickly adapt to new tech trends or simply cease to exist. Here are several amazing technologies that are emerging in the online gambling world.

Augmented Reality (AR)

While we were hearing a lot about virtual reality (VR), its lesser-known cousin augmented reality (AR) kind of sneaked up on us. As a term, it has been around for a long time, but nobody could make something out of it. That is until in 2016 Nintendo released Pokémon Go. One of the most successful Nintendo titles ever, the game completely changed the way we look at AR and demonstrated just how powerful it can be when properly used. Online gambling seems like a perfect forum for AR and the possibilities for implementation are limitless. We expect to see a lot of it in the coming years.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality as a concept has been with us for a long time, yet we still don’t see massive implementation. As a technology, it has a lot to offer in a huge number of fields, from fighter pilot training to entertainment, yet the cost of the equipment was simply too much for most people. In the recent year, we have seen prices steadily go down and in the near future, VR will be set to explode. The online gambling industry was among the first to start looking into the implementation of VR. Things like virtual poker rooms featuring live dealers have been floating around for quite some time. Today, we have several casinos that offer VR experience to their players. You can check out Casino Bros Canadian website to which ones are those and visit them to experience VR gambling firsthand.

Virtual reality casinos are one of the most promising trends in online gambling. Imagine playing in your favorite casino without leaving your living room. Add in that you can choose who sits across the table from you, from Frank Sinatra to Humphrey Boggart and anyone in between, and the allure of VR is clearly visible. Of course, it will take a while before we can enjoy this scenario, but it may be sooner than you would think.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Making payments is an integral part of online gambling and it makes sense that a technology that allows us to do it quickly and safely would be embraced by both players and casinos. With blockchain, you don’t have to wait days for your deposit or withdrawal to clear, as transactions are processed almost instantly. As safety becomes more and more of an issue, demonstrated by the news how hackers took advantage of coronavirus, blockchain’s inherited protection will play a huge role in its popularity. Finally, we have a question of fees banks love to slap on us for every transaction. With crypto and blockchain, those fees will be significantly lower, so we don’t have to waste our money on them.

5G Network

Apart from people who believe that Bill Gates is tracking them through vaccine microchips, everybody else should be thrilled by the implementation of the 5G network. For the first time in history, mobile internet connections will be able to rival land ones in speed and data transfer. The level of connectivity this will allow will be unprecedented and app designers are already drooling over the possibilities 5G is offering. Online gambling stands to benefit a lot from 5G, as it will allow them even bigger access to their players and the speed will make it possible to access even the most demanding games from anywhere in the world.


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