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Amazon launches virtual health service “Amazon Clinic” for common ailments



Amazon launches Amazon Clinic

Although the $4 billion purchase of OneMedical by Amazon hasn’t been finalized, the online services behemoth is expanding more broadly into telehealth and medical services. The business today unveiled Amazon Clinic, which it described as a virtual health “storefront” where customers can look for, interact with, and pay for telehealth services for several ailments that are now some of the more common subjects for consultations via this technology.

Through its collaboration with reputable providers, the new platform known as Amazon Clinic seeks to give individuals access to cheap care for more than 20 common health concerns like allergies, acne, and hair loss. 32 states will have it operating.

Interested customers can choose a telehealth provider from the new healthcare shop based on their specific interests. Simply specify your ailment, complete a brief intake form, and use a secure message-based portal to interact with the clinicians. Following the message-based consultation, the doctor can send the patient’s preferred pharmacy a customized treatment plan that includes the required medicines.

Initially, Amazon Clinic would only operate in 32 states in the United States. Currently, it is not compatible with health insurance, and the overall cost will vary depending on the providers, the circumstances, and the region. (As an illustration, calling a Nevada acne clinic costs about $40, and you can choose between two providers whose various offerings are listed in a comparative table.) Another illustration is the larger price difference between $30 and $48 between the two providers indicated for pink eye (conjunctivitis) in New Jersey.

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The following list of ailments that the Amazon Clinic might be able to treat was provided by Amazon: acne, asthma refills, birth control, cold sores, conjunctivitis, dandruff, eczema, erectile dysfunction, eyelash growth, genital herpes, hyperlipidemia refills, hypertension refills, hypothyroidism refills, men’s hair loss, migraines, motion sickness, rosacea, seasonal allergies, sinusitis.

Over the past few years, Amazon has made significant investments in the medical field. After purchasing PillPack, a startup that mails prescription medication, for $753 million in 2018, the business introduced its Amazon Pharmacy service in November 2020.

Ayogu serves as the pharmacy’s chief medical officer as well.

There are other additional players in the telehealth sector. In 2015, the Seattle-based healthcare firm 98point6 was founded to make contacting a doctor “as simple as sending a text or completing an online search.” As it secured more than $20 million in a convertible note offering to fund expansion, the firm announced in September that it is licensing its virtual care delivery technology in a partnership with Tacoma, Washington-based MultiCare Health System.

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