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Amul anniversary gift link of free Rs 6,000 on WhatsApp is a scam, so avoid clicking on it





  • Fraudulent websites in the name ‘Amul’ claim to gift money on their anniversary.
  • Some comments have also been shown in this, in which many people wrote that they got 6000 rupees.
  • This entire site is designed in such a way that any educated person can be deceived at first.

In today’s time, as the world is becoming increasingly digital and technology is increasing, the cases of cybercrime and digital fraud are also increasing. Every day there are many such messages on someone’s phone or Whatsapp, which first lure you with money, but later it turns out that you have been a victim of such a fraud, which you cannot even detect.

Something similar is now being done in the name of Amul, a big and well-known company in the country. If you have come across a link on WhatsApp to someone you know or in any group, in which it is being said that you will get 6000 rupees, then you should be careful. A fake gift link is making the rounds on WhatsApp groups on the diamond jubilee year of dairy brand Amul. Cyber experts say the link contains a virus and could be used by fraudsters to access the user’s personal and banking data.

The page has a timer that rushes the visitor to click the right box. After completing the survey, users are asked to open the boxes to claim their free gifts. If the user “wins”, he or she is asked to share the link with five other WhatsApp groups or 20 friends, to be able to claim the gift. Even though many internet users are aware of the questionable nature of such clickbait links, the usage of a brand name has left many confused over its genuineness.

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Hackers are responsible for fake Whatsapp messages?

According to an Indian cyber-security researcher, the celebration offered to give away 6000 rupees is a type of online fraud being run by hackers. To participate in this kind of celebration offer, users just have to click on the given link. But doing so can be dangerous. As such messages can prove responsible for your data theft.

In this, your browsing history, system information as well as cookie data of the user can be stolen. This campaign offer is being hosted by a third party instead of the official website of Amul, which is making it more suspicious.

Normally, when one installs WhatsApp on an Android or iOS device, WhatsApp sends a verification code to check if you are the owner of the phone number. In this case, however, the scammer is sending you a WhatsApp code and a link and not a six-digit verification code.

Clicking on the link sent by the scammer simply confirms to WhatsApp that it is you — on behalf of the scammer. In that way, you lose control of your WhatsApp account and the scammer can read and send messages on your behalf.

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