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Android 13 vs Android 12 Comparison | Is the new version worth to update



Google has transformed its Android release cycle with Android 12L.  This definitely has confused the users, as 12L has not come up for all phones yet and the preview of Android 13 has already started. Now, if you are also getting confused in the war of Android 13 vs Android 12. then go ahead with this post as we will furnish all details about this most awaited comparison.

Android 13 is ready to enter our lives in a full swing.  So, everyone wonders which one is better in Android 13 vs Android 12.  Although Android 13 is in the development stage (Developer Preview stage 2) but we have already started witnessing great changes this early on.  These changes are urging us to make a switch from Android 12 to Android 13, but is it really worth it?   Let us know further.

How do I install Android 13 on my phone? Android 13 Beta downland guide

Android 13 vs Android 12 Comparison

As we know, The first beta of Android 13 was launched at the google I/O event. This most anticipated android version majorly focuses on making the User interface better and more adaptive by taking care of the end user’s preferences.

Android 13 used to keep its security features on the notch with an exclusive set of features to make user experience hassles free on smartphones, tablets, laptops, TVs, cars, and wearables.

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Following the pattern of its predecessors, android 13 is also following the iterative development process.

Google launched a few previews build as public betas before releasing the final version. It has assimilated numerous innovative elements to provide a different look and feel to Android 13.

The screen motion is way smoother, the animations are fluid, and it comes with a fresh Privacy Dashboard, support for scrolling screenshots, application access indicators for the camera or microphone, delightful conversation widgets, effective quick setting tiles, and redesigned notification shade to name a few.

Which phones will receive Android 13? 

Android 12 vs 13- Android 13 – What’s New

Is Android 13 offering something new?  Well,  The answer is  YES.

New Permission Prompt

Google had already taken action on making the Android operating system safer by bringing a lot of permission prompts with the latest updates. Now, there is one more added to the list that does not exist in Android 12 and a unique feature of Android 13 vs Android 12 comparison will definitely come in handy, Notification Prompts.

You will now get a prompt asking you if you want to receive notifications from an app that you have installed. This feature is exciting in that you no longer have to receive unwanted notifications from apps of your choice, making it a less annoying user experience.

Nearby device permissions for Wi-Fi

Contrary to Android’s current configuration, the addition of the NEARBY_DEVICES_RUNTIME permission will let apps more easily discover and connect to nearby devices, without needing to ask for location information; simplifying interconnectivity over WiFi with nearby devices and making things easier for app developers in the process.

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App Specific Language

In Android, whatever you pick as your system language is the default language of your apps, and there is no way of changing the app language without changing the system language unless the app provides a specific option for you. Well, with the new beta update, you can now set all kinds of different languages for many apps. The downside is that it still requires the app to support this new feature, however, the amount of apps that do is surprisingly not few.

Easier access to QR code scanner

QR codes have become far more important in the age of COVID-19, and Google could be working on a way to make them easier to use going forward. It is worth noting that you can already scan QR codes via the Google Camera or equivalent third-party Android phone app. With Android 13, Google is working on a built-in QR code scanner that will be able to work directly on the lock screen and be accessed through the quick settings app. It’ll be more convenient than the camera, though it may not practically change much. It’s already available in the second Android 13 Developer Preview for intrepid users to test.

Lock Screen Clock

The moment you power up an Android 13 smartphone. You will be enthralled to notice a fresh and clean lock screen clock.

You will be surprised to see that it is a very neat and clean clock setup in the center of the screen, With almost no clutter of notifications.

Material You – Customization and Theming

Android 13 offers a higher degree of customization. As it allows users to select and determine the accent of background colors, wallpapers, and lock screens.

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It also enables you to toggle the “themed icons” feature. Which changes your mobile app icons to match the color of the phone theme.

Longer Screenshot

Android 13 offers the scroll capture ability to take a longer screenshot. It also allows you to edit them, incorporate markup functions, and type text in different fonts and colors.

You can also add some emojis to your screenshots by pressing the sticker icon. It also allows you to resize the screenshot by just pinching it.

You can also dismiss the screenshot thumbnails by simply swiping them off the screen.

Final Words :

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Hey readers, this is all about Android 13 vs Android 12. I hope now you have ample information about both of them. If you still have any queries, then do let us know in the comment section below :



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