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Android Vs iPhone: The best choice for gamers



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The debate between which operating system performs better has been going on for over a decade. Since the advent of smartphones, Android and iOS have always been at each other’s tail. They both stand out in different aspects. So it seems a little unfair to compare these both. Also, Android has a wide range of options and mobiles dedicated to gaming. Gaming needs also vary from user to user.

I have had the dilemma of whether to sell my mobile online or buy a dedicated gaming smartphone. So, in this blog, we will be solving that dilemma by listing various factors that affect the gaming performance in both. Remember, to sell phones online is easier than ever before. Hence, if your mobile is unsatisfactory, you can easily replace it with a better one.

Android Vs iPhone for gaming

1. Frame Per Second(FPS):

Usually, the most desired FPS for gamers is 60. It is because a 60 FPS gaming experience is far smoother. You can choose a mobile that offers up to 60 FPS on Android, or you can go for an iPhone that easily switches to higher FPS when you are gaming. However, there are many android mobiles in the higher price range that offer this capability. Since iPhone does a better job at optimisation and seamless switching, iPhone takes the win for this category.

2. Display:

Doesn’t FPS come under display properties? Yes. But, this section is going to talk about the IPS and OLED displays. If you own a newer iPhone model, you know that the colours are amazing and crisp due to the OLED display. For serious gamers, the display’s ability to produce sharp colours is an added attraction.

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In the case of Android mobiles, it is kind of a mix. If you are on a tight budget, you could only get an IPS display. On the other hand, you could get better OLED displays than the iPhone at a higher price range. So it should be a tie between Android and iPhone. Yet, the iPhone wins our hearts by being consistent in giving OLED displays.

3. Price:

The first thing any Android user will point out as a flaw in Apple devices is its price. For the same features iPhone offers, you can get an Android at a much cheaper price. Since Android is open-source, manufacturers can integrate it with a wide range of hardware. It makes them fairly cheaper than iPhones.

Even if the prices sound too high, iPhones provide proper stability in performance. However, for this category, Android mobiles win the title. Some Android OEMs also produce devices that are gaming ready at a price less than half of an iPhone. Friendly Tip: You can now easily recycle old mobile phones and thus reduce environmental hazards produced by manufacturing new materials.

4. Processor:

We all know how good the Apple processor is when it comes to productivity. But what about gaming? Does it perform better than its Android competitors? Yes and No. Apple’s processors are good at allocating the hardware resources to perform an action without any lag. But when it comes to multitasking, the iPhone does fall back.

Whereas android mobiles house powerful gaming chipsets dedicated to delivering faster gaming performance. Meaning, you can quickly shift from one app to another without having to worry about frozen screens. Hence, in this category, Android wins the race.

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5. Games Accessibility:

There’s a common misconception that iPhones get apps faster than Android. But in fact, it is the only true within the US. Everywhere else, Android gets the first taste of the app. What more? You can download APK files from different sources by simply toggling an option in the Settings app.

Also, iOS charges you for downloading certain games even if the owner listed them for free. While Android users get to experience apps free of charge. The only time you would have to pay is when the owner of the app declares a price. It is thus obvious, Android phones have higher game accessibility than iPhones.

6. RAM:

The higher the RAM, the better the device performance, right? No! Even with higher RAMs, android phones struggle a lot to maintain the high graphics while gaming. Whereas, iPhone’s 6 GB RAM performs way better than many android phones in its price range. When comparing specs like RAM, search for review videos that actually test them.

When tested alongside, iPhone outperforms almost every time. However, gaming beasts like Nubia and Asus ROG truly deliver the performance it promises. So it is kind of a tie between Android and iPhone.

7. Handling comfort:

Long hours of gaming is only good when the grip you have is comfortable. Unlike certain android devices, Apple devices do not have active cooling. It tends to heat up pretty quickly when playing games for a long time. Also, the sharp corners leave an impression on your palm if you do not have a protective cover. So Android wins this category.

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The overall winner is Android when it comes to gaming simply because of its versatility. I will not hesitate to sell my mobile when I can buy a better gaming phone that doesn’t lag.


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