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Apex legends lunar new year 2023 release date, skins and more



Apex Legends Lunar New Year Release Date

Apex Legends is a wonderful Online Video Game that is extremely popular for bringing special in-game events during festivals Seasons and holidays. It seems that Lunar New Year is going to be the next major Apex Legends Event for the players. The arrival of a new Event in Apex Legends brings new Cosmetic Skins for the players to earn or purchase. After Wintertide Collection Event, players are curious to know about the most Anticipating Apex Legends Lunar New Year release date, and skins.

Season 16 of Apex Legends is going to begin in the mid of February. However, before the end of Season 15, players will be able to experience one more Collection Event. The upcoming Lunar New Year Event will gonna bring Seer’s Fist Sickle Heirloom, new Badges, and a set of fresh Skins for the players to collect.

If you are looking for information about the Next Lunar New Year Event, then you had arrived at the most appropriate post. To know everything about Apex Legends Lunar New Year Event and Upcoming Skins, read our post till the end.

Apex Legends- A Quick Overview

Apex Legends is a wonderful free-to-play battle Royale game that is developed by Respawn Entertainment and distributed by EA Electronics. Presently, this game is available on multiple platforms such as PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Switch, and Windows. The overwhelming response from the players compels developers to bring the mobile version of the game.

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You might aware that Apex Legends Mobile is a brand-new game available for Android and iOS users and supports the Cross Platform feature. Apex Legends Mobile gave tough competition to PUBG mobile just 13 days after the launch.

Apex Legends Lunar New Year Event 2023 Release Date

We can say that new Events every month is a staple for Apex Legends Players. Recently, players enjoyed Apex Legends Halloween Event, and now it’s time for Lunar New Year Event.

As per the leaks by SomeoneWhoLeaks, Apex Legends Lunar New Year, Event will begin on January 10, 2023. But nothing has arrived at the time of writing. As Lunar New Year is on January 22, possibility that the trailer and patches will be out in the weeks anytime. As soon as the Official release date is out, we will update it here.

Apex Legends Lunar New Year Event Leaked Skins

All the details about the upcoming Lunar New Year Skins are not out yet Officially. However, leakers got succeed in getting details about the small number of Upcoming Skins.

SomeoneWhoLeaks, a trusted Apex Legends data miner, predicted that Lunar New Year Event would run for two weeks. So the players will have plenty of time to collect new skins and badges.

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As per the leaks, Wattson’s new Lunar New Year Skin will be part of the Collection Event. All these skins will feature a light blue color theme.

The next skin is the most popular R-99 skin that features a black, and gold themes with flowers, and fireworks.

The data miner also mentioned that the skin would be arriving in Newcastle, but no image of this cosmetic has been shared yet.

More skins leaked by SWL

SomeoneWhoLeaks also predicted that there could be Magic Witch Event, but it is quite difficult to swallow as no information about the Lunar New Year event has been out officially.

Lunar New Year Leaked Bundles

Leaker KralRindo reveals that players can expect several bundles around Lunar New Year. With the start of February, Respawn is planning to release eight new bundles. These bundles are

  • Going Dark Bonus Bundle
  • Royal Huntsmen Bundle
  • Warlord Bonus Bundle
  • Good Fortune Bundle
  • Wish You Wins Bundle
  • Woad Warrior Bonus Bundle
  • Solaris Bundle
  • Mortal coil Bonus Bundle

Final Words

Well, that’s everything we pretty much know about Apex Legends Lunar New Year Release Date and Skins. SomeoneWhoLeaks is one of the trusted data miners. So we can expect that Official Announcement will take place at any time. I hope you will find this post really helpful and informative. Keep sharing it with your family and friends.

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