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App Privacy Report feature will protect iPhone users from being tracked, how to use



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These apps can track your location

The App Privacy Report is one of the most powerful privacy features of Apple. The company introduced it during the announcement of the iOS 15 update during the WWDC 2021 event in June. With the help of this feature, users can keep an eye on the apps accessing their iPhone data. When Apple released iOS 15 in September, users did not get this feature. It has finally been brought in the iOS 15.2 update that came on December 13. Now users can monitor which apps are continuously accessing their information. Users can refuse permission to such apps. It can also track which URL apps are connecting to throughout the day.

Apps like Facebook Twitter Instagram or Tinder can be stopped

If you have an iPhone 6s or newer and have updated to iOS 15.2, you’ll be able to quickly check and stop apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tinder. They can track your location or access your camera roll. The special thing is that this feature of Apple is disabled by default. Users have to turn it on manually.

  • Follow this process to quickly enable and use App Privacy Report on iOS 15.2.
  • Tap on the Settings icon and go to Privacy.
  • Scroll down and tap on App Privacy Report.
  • To turn on the feature, turn on App Privacy Report.
  • The list of which apps are included in the App Privacy Report can be checked after a few minutes.

The App Privacy Report feature provides users an easy way to check permissions usage, network activity, website network activity. Users can also check which domain is contacted most frequently on their smartphone. After turning on this information, this process will have to be followed to understand it.

  • Go to Privacy by tapping on the Settings icon.
  • Scroll down and tap on App Privacy Report.
  • Now tap on any app under Data and Sensor Access and check the timeline of the various permissions they have acquired.
  • You can see how many (and which) domains the app has accessed by tapping on an app in App Network Activity.

Users running iPhone 6s or newer can use this feature

According to Apple, the App Network Activity and Most Contacted Domains sections are designed to let users know if apps are reaching a specific domain. It could also be a sign that that domain or website is combining your activity in those apps to create a profile on you.

With the help of the App Privacy Report, users can see data for the last seven days. This information can also be reset. If you want to disable this feature, then its process is like this.
Go to Settings and go to Privacy.

  • After scrolling down, the feature of App Privacy Report will be available.
  • Tap on the Turn Off option at the bottom of the App Privacy Report.

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