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Apple-Authorised Technicians Might Soon Be Able to Repair Face ID Without Replacing Entire iPhone



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  • Apple will soon offer to face ID Repairs Without Replacing the Entire iPhone.
  • Apple is likely to provide training to the technicians before rolling out the service.
  • The first iPhone with Face ID may not receive the service.

iPhone users will soon be able to get Face ID repaired without needing to replace the device itself. This facility will be available through Apple stores and Apple Authorized service providers. As per the reports, Apple authorized service stores will soon begin receiving a True Depth service that includes the Face ID components and front camera modules. As a result, technicians will have the option of replacing the Face ID system on iPhones rather than replacing it.

Apple’s new move is expected to reduce the carbon footprint

Apple aims to reduce the company’s carbon footprint by decreasing the number of whole unit replacements. At the moment, there’s no information about the replacement costs. But it is likely that the same-unit Face ID repairs will be cheaper than the whole unit replacement.

We still don’t know the timeline for when this change will be implemented in-store by Apple, but considering the brand, and its focus on impeccable service quality. So, first, the store staff will be trained about the changes, the technical aspects of the repair, to make sure all the issues are fixed without any mishaps. Looking at all these parameters, we expect things to materialize on-ground before the end of 2022.

The news comes a few months after Apple announced the new “Self Service Repair” program, another move that could also make repairs easier. Through the initiative, Apple will instruct customers how to fix their devices at home while selling them the parts and tools. Customers will also receive recycling credit when they return their used parts after fixing their devices.

While announcing the program, Apple had said that this program will be available for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series devices first and later it will be made available for Mac computers featuring M1 chips. The Self Service Repair program was launched in the US last year and it will be available to other countries throughout 2022.

Meanwhile, Apple is planning to launch the iPhone 14 in or around September, and now a report from a Chinese media outlet claiming that TSMC is ready to take all 5G modem orders for its upcoming iPhones.

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