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Apple Car not coming anytime soon, may not launch until 2028, says analyst



Apple cars

Apple car, by the giant iPhone maker was in the news from quite sometime now. Initially the company had reportedly announced that they will launch the self driven Apple car in 2024. According to the latest update from Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has said the Car might not arrive until 2027 and there is even a possibility that its launch would be pushed back to 2028 or later. This news might have saddened some.

Reasons for the delay in the launch

Despite predicting the market is “too bullish about the Car,” Kuo cited three reasons why the delay will happen.

  1. There is no specific date for the launch of the car.
  2. The specifications and supplier information is scarce.
  3. The level of competition is unknown to apple once they enter the vehicle segment.

Why choose Apple Car?

In the era of Lamborghini egoista why you should go for Apple’s car?

Apple works on the finesse of its products, hence it is expected that the car will have world class specifications and technology. So if you want to experience the best in segment and best in class technological specifications, the wait is worth every second.

Kuo has said that even if the development on the Apple Car begins this year and continues as expected, it will still take Apple more than four years, pushing the launch to somewhere between 2025 and 2027. However, considering Apple’s standards for its products and the pace at which the EV and the self-driving industry is changing, Kuo said he “would not be surprised” if the launch gets pushed back to 2028 or even later.

Car Timeline

December 2020
Dec 27 Kuo: The Car still in Early Stages, Unlikely to Launch Until 2025-2027 at Earliest
Dec 23 Amid the Car Rumors, Volkswagen CEO Welcomes Competitors to Accelerate Transformation of the Auto Industry
Roundup Last Updated
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Dec 20 Sketchy Report Says the Car is Years Ahead of Schedule, Will Debut Next Year
Dec 9 Apple Allegedly Discussing the Car With Automotive Suppliers, TSMC Working on ‘Self-Driving’ Chips
Dec 8 AI Chief John Giannandrea Takes Over Apple Car Project
August 2020
Aug 13 Apple Still Pursuing VR-Based Vehicle Motion Sickness Solution With Contributions From Mark Rober
October 2019
Oct 18 Quanta Reportedly Supplying Apple With ‘Autonomous Driving Solutions’
July 2019
Jul 22 Apple Hires Former Tesla Engineering VP With Expertise in Car Interiors
June 2019
Jun 28 Jony Ive Once Insisted on the Car Without a Steering Wheel
Jun 25 Apple Confirms Acquisition of Self-Driving Vehicle Startup
Jun 6 Apple Reportedly in Process of Acquiring Self-Driving Vehicle Company
April 2019
Apr 17 Apple Reportedly Seeking LiDAR Sensors With ‘Revolutionary Design’ for Self-Driving Vehicles
February 2019
Feb 27 Apple Confirms 190 Layoffs From Self-Driving Car Project
Feb 21 German Report Says ‘Apple Car’ Could Arrive in Form of Electric Van
Feb 20 Apple Shares White Paper on Self-Driving Car Safety
Feb 13 Apple’s Self-Driving Car Performance May Not Be So Bad After All
Feb 12 Apple Reports Self-Driving Car Disengagements to DMV, Earns Worst Rank
January 2019
Jan 30 Second Apple Employee Accused of Stealing the Car Details
Jan 24 Apple Cuts 200+ Employees From ‘Project Titan’ Autonomous Car Team

End Note

Apple has a long way to go in the field of research and development that goes into making an autonomous vehicle. Kuo has said Apple is five or more years behind the companies such as Tesla, Alphabet’s Waymo, and others in terms of deep learning technology.

Drop in the comments section below your views and how do you expect the wait should long!

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