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Apple Launches Second Rapid Security Response Update for iOS 16.2 for Its Beta Users



iOS 16.2 Rapid Security Response Update

Hey iPhone users! If you are running the iOS 16.2 beta on your device, the Company brings a new update for you.

Apple finally released a new RSR update specifically for those running iOS 16.2 beta. The iOS 16.2 Rapid Security Response Update is designed to provide iOS 16.2 beta users with bug fixes without the need to install a full update. The purpose of releasing this RSR update is to provide bug fixes to iOS 16.2 beta users.

By releasing this update, Apple wants the system to go through multiple tests with its beta users before rolling out globally.

What is Rapid Security Response?

Until now, Apple has had no way to address any security issue impacting a large audience. The Company only solves the issue by bringing large software updates. Due to this reason, the customers need to wait for a larger Software update which is quite frustrating.

However, the Company devised a solution by bringing Rapid Security Response System Update. As the name suggests, Apple is building a system that will address time-sensitive security updates with its own standalone updates. This is the faster process that will protect the customers from Security Vulnerabilities.

Nowadays, the Company is testing a quick Response update that will deliver quick security patches to iOS without the hassle of installing a new version of the Operating System. However, it is currently unclear whether this update carries a security patch or whether Apple is testing the new Rapid Security Response system again.

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Apple has already released its two tests for iOS 16.2 beta users. This test aims to find any critical flaws before releasing it worldwide. The third beta of iOS 16.2 has already had one Rapid Security Response update sent out as a test.

Where to find iOS 16.2 Rapid Security Response Update

iOS Security Response 16.2 is available through the standard Software Update mechanism in the Settings app. However, it is a quick update that takes a couple of minutes to download the update and then a quick restart for the install process.

Users that trigger the Security Response update can revert to the previous iOS version during this test. It isn’t clear if the option to revert to a previous version will remain in the public version of iOS 16.2.

In iOS 16.2 beta 3, the company has added two new toggles — one that disables the ‘show wallpaper’ feature and another that disables the ‘show notifications’ feature.

Furthermore, in its first iOS 16.2 beta to developers release, Apple allowed users to send a report to the company when Emergency SOS was inadvertently triggered.

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