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Apple may bid goodbye to face id feature, Next iPhone to offer in-screen Touch ID




  • Apple may bid goodbye to face id feature with its latest upcoming and most rumored addition to iPhones that is iPhone 12.
  • This feature was introduced 4 years ago but latest faced many hassles.
  • iPhone may have exclusive never seen before features for example full screen display, extra storage etc.

Apple has introduced face ID option during the launch of iPhone X 4 years ago. But if latest reports have to be believed then it is said that Apple may skip Face ID feature in its upcoming series of phones and may opt for in-display fingerprint sensors.

It may also offer under-screen fingerprint recognition feature that will be equipped with Qualcomm’s latest ultra-thin fingerprint recognition sensor that came alive at CES 2021.

Why FACE ID feature is going to be removed from iPhone 13?

iPhone users who own iPhone X or above can unlock their phones using Face ID option only. This definitely has caused a lot of problems  during COVID-19 where users have to repeatedly input the passcode to unlock the iPhone. Apple might solve this problem with the upcoming iOS 14.5 update.

What will be alternative to Face Id unlock then?

With the latest news, the rumors are very strong that Apple may give you the option to unlock your phones with your masks on provided that you must have your Apple watch in its closest proximity.

How Will it work?

  • Put your iPhone up to unlock it.
  • Now keep your Apple watch close to it.
  • Once they will be connected, it will receive a feedback on your watch which will indicate that your phone is unlocked now.

What Can you expect from Apple iPhone 13?

  • According to latest reports in  2021 Apple iPhone 13 would be coming back with the Touch ID technology that it overlooked four years ago.
  • The iPhone 13 could offer exclusive optical in-display fingerprint scanner.
  • The optical in-display fingerprint technology captures the image of the finger by making use of light to detect the fingerprint when the finger is placed on the sensor. However, the optical in-display fingerprinting isn’t as reliable as an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor that uses sound waves to detect an individual’s fingerprint, making it more secure.
  •  The iPhone 13 may come with Samsung’s LTPO screens that will get rid of the traditional 60Hz to move to faster and better 120Hz displays.

When can you expect Apple iPhone 13?

Apple usually launches its iPhones in September, which means it is quite early to say firmly anything about its release and probable specs. As there are still seven to eight months if we expect its release in September in case Apple follow its traditional way of launching products.
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