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Apple to pay $15 to iPhone 4s users for allegedly slowing down the devices



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  • Apple agreed to pay up to $15 to certain iPhone 4S users to settle a lawsuit.
  • According to the settlement, Apple will set aside $20 million to compensate iPhone 4S users in New York and New Jersey affected by the “slowdown”.
  • Apple is expecting nearly one million users to submit a declaration.

Settling a nearly seven years old lawsuit, Apple has agreed on compensating the users of iPhone 4s $15 each. The class-action lawsuit was file by a group of iPhone 4s users in 2015, who claimed that Apple slowed down the smartphone with the iOS 9 update. While Apple marketed the software update to enhance performance, it apparently caused a lot of iPhone 4s models to slow down.

The plaintiffs collectively filed an enforcement complaint in this lawsuit. The lawsuit claims that when users download the iOS 9 onto the iPhone 4S smartphone, the phone slows down significantly. The plaintiffs argue that Apple falsely advertised iOS 9 compatibilities with the iPhone 4S. This significantly degrades the performance of their iPhone 4S devices.

Apple To Pay $15 to iPhone 4s

According to the settlement, Apple will set aside $20 million to compensate iPhone 4S users in New York and New Jersey affected by the “slowdown”. However, users who believe they are entitled to the $15 must submit a statement describing how they experience a significant drop in performance after downloading iOS 9 or any version of their iPhone 4S. Then and only then can they have access to the $15.

Given the total amount Apple set aside to settle the lawsuit and the compensation each user will be awarded, Apple is expecting nearly one million users to submit a declaration about what will be affected by the iOS 9 software update.

On its official website, the company claimed that the software update would “deliver faster scrolling, smoother animation, and better overall performance”. In the case of the iPhone 4S, these promises turned out to be a little bit far-fetched, which may have contributed to Apple’s decision to agree to the aforementioned settlement payment.

Apple will create a website and a 1-800 toll-free phone number that will keep consumers up to date. The fact that this case has been running for over six years means that you can chalk this up as another victory for the lawyers. According to a court filing, the case generated 48,000 documents producing 539,000 pages, 15 depositions (including the plaintiffs, 11 Apple employees, and the Parties’ class certification experts), and 770 pages of experts’ reports.

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