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Are Online Slot Machine Games Still Fun To Play?



When it comes to casino gaming, slot machine games are probably the most popular to both beginners and experienced players. If you visit an online casino right now, you’ll probably see hundreds of slots titles available to play.

The very first slot machine was made in 1894 and since then, it has represented casinos and gambling. When one thinks of casino gaming, many would immediately think of slots if not table games. That said, most casino players simply enjoy this game, but how good is it in the modern day?

The game is so simple that it draws new players at casinos – online or not. Is it still worth playing slot machine games on sites that don’t mislead you like We say, yes! In this article, let’s have a look at why online casino slots can still be worth your time and how fun they can still be.

It’s a Classic and Simple Game

Nothing beats having a fun time playing a casino classic that’s the favorite of many. This game is over a hundred years old and even if it was first played in an auto repair shop and eventually at bars, it became the star of luxurious casino establishments back in the day and maybe even until today.

No need to learn much about how to play the game. You just need to understand which results can make you win. Some people don’t even need to learn about the paylines. Just sit there, relax, push or click the spin button and see if you’re lucky today.

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This is why both casual and expert casino players enjoy slots. There’s no need to overthink the game.

The Biggest Online Casino Wins are From Slot Machines

We know that many people can still be skeptical about playing slots. Some would think that it’s a casino game that’s easy to rig. Well, sure but as long as you’re dealing with a legit casino operator, this is something you shouldn’t worry about.

Online or not, trusted casinos have their games checked randomly for fairness. For online casinos, third-party testing companies like eCOGRA would check the games they offer including slots randomly. If it’s found that their games are rigged, their license will be voided, so no licensed online casino would risk this.

If that doesn’t convince you that no one ever wins big when playing slots online, know that some of the biggest online casino wins are from slots.

There’s this player named DP from the UK who was on their mobile device, playing slots while waiting for dinner. A $1.50 bet was placed that made this player hit the $11.6 million jackpot.

That’s just one of the wins because there’s a better story than that. A poker player from Finland once decided to try his luck on the Mega Fortune slots and placed a $0.25 bet. These few cents changed his life for good since he won an astounding amount of $24 million after that.

That said, no one should ever say nobody ever wins playing this game anymore. It’s just really a matter of being lucky or not.

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It Comes in Different Varieties and Themes

Okay, so maybe you already know that slots can be trusted but you’re simply unsure if they could give you a great time because you get easily bored of playing the same thing again and again.

Well, slots come in different varieties and themes. One casino site should be able to give you different types of slot machine games like the classic one or a three-reel slot, five reel slots, progressive jackpot slots, virtual reality slots, and interactive slots.

There are even gambling sites like Comeon! that let you enjoy this game with a live player. Think of watching someone else play slots but you are also placing bets. You’re depending on this person’s luck. What’s interesting about this concept is that it makes slots gaming very interactive.

Aside from variety, whatever theme you’re looking for, there’s probably a slot game that you can play. If you enjoy zombie films or series, then go for slot games like Dead Walking which is inspired by the popular TV show, The Walking Dead.

Still not over Game of Thrones? There’s also an actual GOT slot that you can play. The classic slot machine game is still your jam? You’ll most likely enjoy Pragmatic Play’s Juicy Fruit Slots. Then there are also video game-inspired slots like NetEnt’s Street Fighter II.

The bottom line here is that it’s hard to get bored of playing slots easily because it now comes in many varieties. Thanks to technology, you can also enjoy playing this game in different themes.

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