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Are You Letting Your Subscribers opt-out and Mute Holiday Email Campaigns?



The pandemic has led to sweeping changes in the daily lives of people around the world. The economic and social disruption caused by it is devastating. People across the globe have lost their dear ones, many are at the risk of losing their livelihoods, and most people are stressed and going through physical and mental health issues. It is a tough time for everyone. 

Considering the current world circumstances, the role of marketing has significantly changed. Compassion and empathy have become the central themes of discussion for brands and businesses. Organizations must humanize the customer experience by being sensitive about the messages they send to connect with their customers. 

When the pandemic hit, businesses across sectors sent out uplifting, positive, generic “we are in this together” messages in unison without actually understanding what the customers really want. Brands reached out to their customers with contingency plans to survive the pandemic and the messages were focused on reminding them how they are with their customers during these trying, challenging times. Here’s an example of such an email from Salesforce.

Source: Really Good Emails

While the world is battling with fear, uncertainty, and anxiety, such messages are the last thing they want to get from brands. While these brands are only trying to stay relevant and in-demand from a business perspective, it is more important to humanize and add value to the customer experiences in refreshing and novel ways.

And this can be done by allowing your subscribers to mute or opt-out of certain emails. Let us dig deeper.

Preparing for Holiday Email Campaigns

The holiday season is fast approaching and it is time for email marketers to start planning their holiday strategy, cleaning and segmenting their lists, and designing holiday-themed email templates. While every year brands have a flood of emails planned for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc. until the end of the year, this year is different. Email marketers and campaign managers need to understand that not everyone in your email list will be in the same holiday spirit this year. And hence, the same old strategy of planning a holiday email calendar, designing high-spirited, glittery holiday-themed emails, and bulk-sending it to all your customers is not recommended.

However, it is still inevitable for you to send holiday emails to engage the customers who would be celebrating the holidays in the limited way Email Templates productions can. But it is also vital to keep in mind that the cheerful, jolly, and witty emails that you send across during the holidays may not connect with everyone on your list. 

So, here’s what you can do.

Let your customers opt-out of your holiday email campaigns

Before you start sending your holiday emails, send out an email to all your subscribers allowing them to mute or opt-out of the holiday list. Here’s one such email sent by the brand Thortful on Mother’s Day.

Source: Really Good Emails

It is a simple and clear message that gives the subscriber an option to opt-out from their Mother’s day email list. The brand also makes it clear that the subscriber who opts out will still be a part of their community and will continue to receive other emails.

Similarly, you can start your holiday email messaging with a note asking about the subscribers’ well-being and giving them an option to mute or opt-out of your holiday email list.

Let your customers choose the content they want to see

Too many holiday emails can be exhausting for your subscribers. A safe way to stay relevant and send useful email messages is to allow subscribers to choose the kind of email content they want to receive in their inbox. Set up an email preference center and allow your subscribers to update their preferences for the holiday season. When subscribers choose the option, add them to a new list until the end of the holiday season, and then once the holiday dust settles, add them back to your regular email list. The email preference center is a win-win for brands because you put the email frequency and content in the subscribers’ hands while you still get to send them emails.

Let the unsubscribers go 

While you send these opt-out emails, there is a risk of people unsubscribing from your email list for a variety of reasons- the most common being receiving too many irrelevant emails. The key to maintaining good email list hygiene is to remove the unsubscribers from your email list and giving them options to connect with your brand via other channels. Instead of worrying about the unsubscribe rate, pay closer attention to what those unsubscribers can teach you for strengthening your email campaigns and improving revenue.

Wrapping Up

So, will giving the customers the option to avoid holiday emails become a norm in the new normal? Well, it depends on your brand, product and customer base. It is now more important than ever to be sensitive and considerate with your marketing by sending inclusive emails that are relevant to everyone. 

Have you started preparing for this holiday season?

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