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August Premieres for XBOX



If you own an Xbox, you already know that you can play a lot of free games every month thanks to the Game Pass system. Slot machines and bonuses such as free spins no deposit are, unfortunately, still not part of this system, but we are hopeful for the future. Until that day comes, you can continue to play free games on your console every month. New games are added to Xbox’s Game Pass system every 30 days, and some games are removed. To help you out, we’ve listed below which games you can play (and games that will be removed) as of August 2021.

Curse of the Dead Gods

Development studio Passtech Games
Available on August 5


Curse of the Dead Gods is a role-playing action game that falls under the dungeon-crawler category and is described as “roguelike.” Played from an isometric perspective, the game maps are randomly generated each time you play. So, you’re never navigating the same maps. Your goal is to hunt for gold and power by exploring three different dungeons. As you progress in the game, you collect items that will make your character stronger, and you get permanent upgrades too.

Dodgeball Academia

Development studio Pocket Trap
Available on August 5


This is a sports RPG game, so we can say that it falls into a very niche category. You control Otto and his friends in an academy that teaches you how to play dodgeball. Graphics and gameplay are reminiscent of mobile games. The game consists of eight episodes, and you play countless dodgeball matches in each one. You can make Otto and his teammates stronger by raising their levels. Also, the main story lets you discover the hidden secrets of this academy.

Katamari Damacy Reroll

Development studio Monkeycraft
Available on August 5


This is a remake of the Katamari Damacy game released for PS2. It reminds a puzzle game. Your character has the ability to make a huge ball by gluing everything on a map together. In this respect, it is possible to say that it is a “rolling game” too. As the ball you create grows in size, you can even make landmasses a part of it. In other words, this game offers the chance to turn the whole world into a giant ball.

Lumines Remastered

Development studio Resonair
Available on August 5


Lumines, a puzzle game created by Tetsuya Mizuguchi, became very popular when it was released in 2004. This is the remastered version of that game. It now supports 4K resolution and offers more advanced graphics. Lumines Remastered resembles a Tetris variant. You try to complete the levels by correctly lining up the blocks falling from above. The blocks are all made of 4×4 squares, but they have two different colours. So, you have to match blocks of the same colour. Lumines Remastered also has an impressive soundtrack and lets you feel the music on the controller with a feature called Trance Vibration.

Skate 3

Development studio EA Black Box
Available on August 5


Skate 3 is a skateboarding game released in 2010. Since the number of games in this category is quite limited, we can say that it is still popular. The game is played from a third-person perspective and takes place in an open world. You roam freely in a city called Port Carverton and show off your skateboarding skills. The game also features famous skateboarding pros such as Danny Way, Darren Navarette, and Jason Lee. If you liked Tony Hawk games, you’re sure to love this one too.


Development studio Supergiant Games
Available on August 13


Hades and Curse of the Dead Gods are very similar games, but Hades is more popular. This game is also a dungeon crawler and uses roguelike mechanics. In the game, you control Zagreus, the son of Hades. Zagreus wants to escape from the Underworld, and for this, he must go through a series of dungeons. However, these dungeons are full of traps and enemies. When you die, you can start over and use the experience you gained from the previous run to permanently strengthen your character.

These are the games you can play in August 2021, but as mentioned above, some games will be removed from Game Pass in August 2021 too. So, this is your last chance to play these titles:

  • Grand Theft Auto V (set to be removed on August 8)
  • Ape Out, Crossing Souls, Darksiders Genesis, Don’t Starve, Final Fantasy VII, Train Sim World (set to be removed on August 15)

You can still purchase these games from the store, of course, but this will be your last chance to play them within the Game Pass ecosystem. If you have not played them before, make haste!


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